Amy Hennig’s untitled Marvel game is being described as a team-up between Captain America and heroes from Wakanda, most prominently Black Panther. But if you’re thinking of teaming up with a friend to fight the Nazis, you’ll have to choose another game as this title will not be co-op.

When IGN asked Hennig in an interview for the untitled Marvel game if this was a co-op title, the director responded, “Narratively yes, gameplay mechanics-wise no.”

While the title will indeed see Captain America and Black Panther (Azzuri, T’challa’s grandfather), gameplay wise don’t expect to team up with your friend in local or online.

“We experienced something partly intentionally partly by happy accident on Uncharted that for people playing our game it was a shared living room experience… even if their hand wasn’t on the controller,” Hennig responded. The goal for this title is to capture that same kind of shared living room experience even if players aren’t actively playing together.

Given that details remain light, what we do know is that the untitled Marvel game will focus on four characters, Captain America, Black Panther, Howling Commandos member Gabe Jones, and a Dora Milaje warrior.

While each character will be distinct, and potentially playable, the game itself will not support co-op.

There are however several superhero games that will feature co-op as a key gameplay mechanic including Gotham Knights and the upcoming Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

For more from Hennig, check out IGN’s interview with her and writer Marc Bernadin. And for everything else announced at D23 check out IGN’s full round-up.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor. You can reach him @lawoftd.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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