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FIFA Challenges EA's Soccer Monopoly In New Statement

For more than a decade now, EA’s FIFA franchise has had a virtual monopoly in the video game soccer space, overshadowing Pro Evolution Soccer while raking in hundreds of millions dollars from FIFA Ultimate Team. But recent events is putting that dominance under threat, with FIFA issuing a release saying future games “must” involve more than party. In the new […]


Back 4 Blood Review

Amid a sea of seemingly endless looter-shooters, Back 4 Blood bucks a lot of trends in favor of something old-fashioned. After spending 25 hours with this four-player cooperative first-person shooter, I came to love its glorious white-knuckle tone, clever card-based progression, and varied, fist-pump-worthy campaign. An awkward difficulty curve and a stale versus mode prevent Back 4 Blood from moving […]


Propnight Is a New Multiplayer Horror That Crosses Dead By Daylight With Goosebumps

Beloved horror novelist R. L. Stine is best known for two long-running book series; Fear Street and Goosebumps. Where Fear Street can be grisly and gory, Goosebumps tames and reinvents horror tropes for a younger audience. If Dead by Daylight is Fear Street, then, Propnight is Goosebumps. Its skeleton is identical to the Twitch-favourite, but it wears a very different, […]

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