Mission Statement

Inspiring gamers worldwide with unbiased News, Streams, and Reviews, to make the gaming community a better, more informed place.

Vision Statement

Striving to be the world’s leader in Gaming Community News, Reviews, and More!


Company Value is key to XPLoot, we believe that the only way to succeed is to have a value system that both our employees and customers can get behind.

Our Internal Values:

  • Integrity: Every employee, client, and customer holds a steadfast adherence to a strict ethical and moral code.
  • Family: Family is the backbone for our company and we want our employees and clients to feel as if they are part of our family.  XPLoots goal is to build a Global Community and treat it like a family, so everyone is involved and responsible for making it a better place to be.  This is important because, in the Tech world, this doesn’t exist in one place.  And when it does exist, its bought out by a company and becomes a $ machine.
  • Respect: Every employee respects both coworkers and our clients as if they were family.  All will be treated like they add value to the company, even our clients can provide feedback to help the community.


These Organizational Values will help build a global gaming community that has a family feel instead of a large corporation feel to it.  We want our members to feel like they are part of the community, not just another person to get suckered into buying crap they don’t need or want.

Management Team

Tyler C. – (Suit&Ty or Tyler) – President\Chief Executive Officer, Jack of All Trades, Master of One: Rage Quitting.

Twitch:  Twitch.tv/XPLootGaming

Tyler has been throwing his keyboard across the room since he first started playing video games on his parents’ IBM 386. Who knew Sopwith Camel could be so infuriating? The evolution of his rage crossed some amazing titles: Shinobi on Game Gear, Bubsy on Genesis, Road Rash, GTA 1 on PC, Half-Life, Portal, WoW, DayZ, Ark, and so much more. Easily his favorite has been the Borderlands series though. “Nobody shoots my buddies but me!”

When he’s not rage quitting, Tyler is an IT Administrator and software developer. He enjoys playing piano and if you watch his streams long enough, you’ll surely be able to hear him play his banjo. We’re still waiting for him to throw it across the room too.

Some of his favorites today:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Halo 5
  • MarioKart
  • GTAV
  • Minecraft
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Borderlands – Like all of them. Seriously.

Denver C. – (DAX77) – Chief Technology Officer, King of the Memes and Puts the Team in TeamBagging.

Twitch: Twitch.tv/TheRealDax77

With over 35 years of gaming under his belt and over 25 years in the IT industry, Denver has seen the gaming world change from 8bit to 3D and has used and evaluated thousands of games and peripherals along the way.  Denver enjoys consoles (from Atari 2600 to the Xbox One) but his passion is and will always be PC gaming.  He brings to the table a vast knowledge of gaming memes and an understanding of what it takes to actually develop and host the newer online gaming platforms.  XPLoot is Denver’s passion and he enjoys sharing his gaming and tech insights with the rest of the gaming world.

Favorite Games:

  • Excitebike
  • Road Rash
  • Kung Fu
  • Contra
  • Dayz (Original ARMA 2 Mod)
  • PlayerUnknowns Battleground
  • GTA 1 thru 5
  • Battlefield series from 1942 up (favorite was BF 2142)
  • Minecraft
  • Ark
  • Portal
  • Counter Strike Series
  • Team Fortress Series
  • HALO series

Favorites outside of gaming:

  • Mud Runs (Tough Mudder)
  • 5K’s
  • Half Marathons
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Raising Gamer Children
  • Learning new technology and teaching others
  • Higher Education (Dual MBA in Information Technology, and Business  Administration)

Mike P. – (TheMechanic) – Gaming Technology Specialist, For Valhalla…..For Victory!!!!!

Mike was born a giant Viking of a man with a beard that rivaled even his mother’s. His parents didn’t want him to play video games when he was young, but Mike knew he was destined for gaming greatness.  He saved his pocket change and birthday cash for years and bought his first GameCube in secret. From there he went on to the various Xboxes and built many a PC to game on. He married a gamer wife and had their own baby Viking.  Mike’s area of expertise includes: game storylines, the technical aspects of games and computer hardware.

Mike’s gaming highlights:

  • Super Smash Brothers
  • World of Warcraft – vanilla to panda
  • Various Halos
  • GTA
  • Various Battlefields
  • Minecraft
  • Skyrim
  • Ark
  • Overwatch
  • PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite

Dan P. – (Elusive) – Gaming Media Specialist, My First Alphabet was A B X Y

Twitch: Twitch.tv/TheElusive

California Home Grown Viking Gamer since the days of World of Warcraft, by far I have spent most of my gaming career in that game.   I was in a top raiding guild from Burning Crusades through Lich King.   I would seriously play games all day every day if I could.  Someday, I’d love to get paid to play and review games for a living in the meantime I’m working with XPLoot to bring you the best in conference updates, gaming reviews and hilarious memes.

My friends have always had game consoles, even though I never owned my own until about 8 years ago, my brother (Mechanic) would let me play on his quite often. Finally in college Denver (Dax) got me the first computer that I could actually game on, the rest is history.   My favorite gaming memory would have to be when Xeda convinced me to wake up well before the sun rose and get in line for the Xbox one launch in LA. The whole set was decked out and Deadmau5 was playing, turned out to be an awesome event and we took 1st and 2nd in one of the game contests.

Favorite Games:

  • PlayerUnknowns Battleground (PUBG)
  • Halo 1 & 4
  • Overwatch (Speed Boost)
  • WoW
  • DnD
  • GTA series

Favorites outside of gaming:

  • My wife
  • Cycling, whether mountain biking or road cycling I love anything on 2 wheels.
  • Going to gaming conferences
  • Building and working on bikes

Craig C. – (Game Over) – Gaming Technology Specialist, He’ll Down You, Slather Your Player in Syrup and Then Teabag You.  All While Saying Sorry.

Grew up in small-town Saskatchewan where you could find me destroying hosers in the rink or just rippin sleds with the boys.  I wasn’t huge into gaming but when we got snowed in I would rock some Doom or Killer Instinct just to keep my fingers warm in case I had to fend off the polar bear from trying to eating one of us or having to chase Wyona the brown beaver when she got out of the yard.  Then we were lured out of Saskatchewan to Alberta with rumors of an endless supply of liquid gold.  We were pissed to find out they were referring to oil and not Maple Syrup…  After the riot, I decided to give the energy sector a chance and haven’t looked back.  I currently specialize in online valve repair, which keeps me out of town 5-6 days a week.  And instead of gettin ripped up with the boys and smokin darts every night I bought myself a gaming laptop to keep me busy while stuck at hotels.  I’ve only been PC gaming for a short amount of time, but have been a console player for years (Playstation\Nintendo\Xbox).

Favorite Games:

  • PlayerUnknowns Battleground (PUBG)
  • Battlefield Series
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • Mortal Combat
  • Call of Duty Series

Favorites outside of gaming:

  • GO Riders GO
  • Hockey
  • Curling
  • Chugging Canadian Perfume (Maple Syrup)
  • Baseball
  • Single-track trail riding
  • Powerlifting (before I got hurt)
  • Fishing or out at the lake.

Derek HB. – (Xeda) –  Gaming Technology Specialist, I’d be UNSTOPPABLE, if it wasn’t for this LAG.

Derek has been gaming since he learned how to start up games in DOS.  He is a US Army Veteran with a background in IT.  Although his background is in IT, he has transitioned to a managerial role focused around Smart Home Technology at a leading tech company.  His passion lies in the latest and greatest technology and games.  He enjoys console and PC games, with a bias towards console (Although, understanding that PC will ALWAYS be the master race).  Being a place where he can truly show his passion of gaming, XPLoot is an important part of Derek’s life.

Favorite Games:

  • Zelda: Ocarina of time
  • Mass Effect 1,2 and the frst 95% of 3
  • Halo: all of them except ODST
  • Vanilla WoW
  • PlayerUnknowns Battleground (PUBG)
  • GTA V
  • Minecraft
  • Portal

Favorites outside of gaming:

  • Spending time with my gorgeous wife
  • Swimming
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Eating
  • Bringing up that Dax had a vasectomy
  • Was it mentioned that I have a gorgeous wife?
  • Oh and Dax had a vasectomy.

Amy P. – (T0xic_Unicorn)  – Gaming Technology Specialist, Shotguns, Heals, Shit-talking and Filthy Humor

Amy grew up in a household of gamers; when most of her friends were playing dress-up, she was learning to game and shit talk like a pro. She is more of a PC gamer, but has played on nearly every major console name from Atari to Xbox One. Gaming with her friends at XPLoot has always been a huge part of her life. It was during one of XPloot’s frequent Xbox Halo LAN parties that Mike (Mechanic) asked her out for their first date.  They married and years later, she went into labor with their first child during another Xbox Halo LAN party with the same group of friends.

In gaming, Amy is fantastic in a support class or as a healer. She enjoys shotguns, blowing things up and general chaos.
Outside of gaming, Amy is an IT administrator. Her hobbies include hiking, swimming, crocheting, playing tabletop games and collecting sand from places all around the world.

Gaming highlights (within last 10 years or so):

  • Halo (All)
  • World of Warcraft (Started at Vanilla, stopped at Panda)
  • GTA
  • Battlefield (various)
  • Minecraft
  • Ark
  • Overwatch
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite

Michelle C. – (GingerMichi\MyUltraViolence)  – Editorial Director, Master Button Smasher, Stealer of Souls and the REAL MyUltraViolence

Twitch:  Twitch.tv/myultraviolence

Some might find that title to be offensive or condescending, but not Michelle. Indeed, she wears it as proud as the championship belt she forever wore in WWE All-Stars for Wii. She owns the title like she owns her veteran gamer friends in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe or Super Smash Bros. Michelle has honed her skills and perfected the nonsensical and chaotic, random technique of Master Button-Smashing. This Shun Di-Esque ability isn’t the only gift she has for gaming though!

As a Technical Editor, Michelle is well known for her keen eye for minor details. This, paired with her immeasurable logic, served as a major asset in her favorite game series: Portal. She’s rather fond of puzzle games in general, and so far is the only member of XPLoot’s Stream Team to brave the horror genre for our entertainment.

Here are some more of her favorites!

  • Overwatch
  • Wii Sports
  • The Sims
  • Mario Kart / Mario Party / Super Mario Bros
  • Guitar Hero
  • Epic Mickey
  • Kingdom Hearts