I’m going to buy the Switch Lite. It was as easy as Nintendo announcing that the new version of the system is “dedicated to handheld play” to get me on board. I’ve had a Switch since day 1, so this sudden excitement for another may seem a little silly, but I’ve got some good reasons… or at least good enough for me.

I’ve always been a Nintendo handheld kind of person. While I’ve had just about every Nintendo home console since the N64 – sorry Wii U – I’m still just as invested in Nintendo’s handheld offerings. The only major Nintendo handhelds I’ve missed at this point are the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Advance SP, and the DS Lite, so you can say I’m pretty committed to them. Even with the Switch’s release, I still play my special edition Pikachu 2DS XL from time to time to revisit games and get that true handheld experience. The Nintendo Switch Lite has an important spot in my game rotation too.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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