Editors Note: Hori has announced a problem with the D-Pad Controller – if left connected to the Switch in sleep mode, the Joy-Con may drain the Switch battery fast.

Released July 26 in Japan and eventually slated for a Western release, Hori’s new D-Pad Controller (L) for Nintendo Switch answers the prayers of many Nintendo fans, offering a traditional plus-shaped pad for the left thumb. We tested the D-Pad Controller extensively with several games and can highly recommend it – with a few major caveats.

Hori’s controller is designed for use in place of your left Joy-Jon in handheld mode. It features a D-pad in place of the official lefthand Joy-Con’s arrow buttons, along with an analogue stick, the Minus button, capture button, and L and ZL buttons, just as on the regular controller.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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