It was sometime in 2017, after the release of our first title, Pocket Mirror, a free RPG Maker horror adventure game, that the development team sat down to flesh out its next project – thus, Little Goody Two Shoes was born.

We wanted to develop the story of Elise, a minor character in Pocket Mirror, and through her give answers to the mysteries found within that first game. With that in mind, we set out on a journey that has spanned six years of intermittent development and hard work and as such, Little Goody Two Shoes was conceived. A horror-adventure RPG with dating sim, resource management and puzzle solving elements, Little Goody Two Shoes is designed to take the player on a nostalgia-invoking and thrilling experience with a compelling narrative, stunning visuals, and a dreamy original soundtrack.

The Story

As fans of horror and mysticism, we took inspiration not only from folk legends of demons and witches, but also from familiar fairy tales to build up the foundation of the narrative. While the tales of our childhoods usually teach us basic life lessons such as to not be a bad person, or the dangers of trusting strangers, most also have a darker side to them that’s often omitted from modern reiterations – be it the consequences the villains of such stories end up facing, the tragedies of love and innocence, or even the consequences of young foolishness.

It’s this delicate balance between the wonders and the horrors of old fairytales that struck our interest as inspiration not only for the narrative, but also for the visuals. Little Goody Two Shoes follows the story of Elise, an ambitious and prideful girl living in the isolated and tightly knit town of Kieferberg. Working as a maid-of-all-work, Elise leads a humble life fulfilling small tasks for her neighbours in exchange for just enough to sustain herself. Yet, she wants more – an easy life surrounded by luxury and wealth, to live her days like a princess in a castle!

As the story progresses, Elise will come across a pair of Ruby Red Shoes, and the promise that all her dreams can become a reality – if she succeeds in overcoming the woodlands’ challenges and performing a certain ritual, that is. What she’s willing to do to escape the mundane town of Kieferberg and achieve her dreams, however, is completely up to you. Will you pursue Elise’s desire for luxury and wealth? Or would you rather settle for a simple life in the quaint town?

Elise’s ruby red shoes.

Life in Kieferberg

In Little Goody Two Shoes you’ll get to experience Elise’s life in the town of Kieferberg first-hand throughout the course of a week.

Get to work!

As a maid-of-all-work, Elise will be tasked with small favours and chores by her neighbours to make a living. Picking eggs, catching apples, running errands, chopping wood – you name it! These daily chores take the form of mini games where you’ll be pressed for time to achieve the highest score possible: the higher your grade, the bigger the reward!

‘Chop! Chop! Chop!’, one of Little Goody Two Shoes’ mini games.

Don’t raise Suspicion, or else!

During your time in Kieferberg you’ll also get to meet all its inhabitants, of course. Some nicer than others, yet with one thing in common – they’re all weary of the Witch, a mysterious entity dwelling in the surrounding woodland who’s been wreaking havoc and terrorizing the villagers.

Playing as the obstinate and haughty Elise, however, you may struggle to keep her away from Suspicion when chatting with her neighbours. All choices matter when it comes to keeping a clean slate as these folks are prone to jump to conclusions and won’t tolerate any sort of suspicious activity, so mind what you say and keep away from prying eyes, or you might suffer the consequences!

Elise’s dialogue choices can raise Suspicion among the villagers.

Find true love!

Not everything about Kieferberg is about work, however! Meet all three of Elise’s love interests – Rozenmarine, Freya and Lebkuchen – and spend time with them in Romantic Dates to get to know them and, perhaps, work toward a life together as lovers!

LGBTQ+ representation is an important matter for us at AstralShift, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on sapphic relationships for the title’s Dating Sim component.

Elise and the bachelorettes of Kieferberg.

Exploring the Woodland

It is during the Witching Hour that Little Goody Two Shoes’ horror elements come to life.

Elise’s goal in Little Goody Two Shoes, is to explore the woodlands surrounding Kieferberg and perform a certain ritual – for the sake of achieving her dreams. This quest will take you through a thrilling adventure of exploration, puzzle solving and exciting developments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the many dungeons to explore during the Witching Hour.

The inspiration for the horror elements in the game comes from RPG Maker games such as Ib, The Witch’s House and Mad Father, which were also decisive inspirations for our previous title, Pocket Mirror.

With Little Goody Two Shoes, however, we aimed to create a more atmospheric and thrilling experience with a wide variety of enemies, mechanics, and puzzles to keep yours and Elise’s journey both engaging and challenging.

A Unique Gaming Experience

Little Goody Two Shoes is intended as a love letter to all those who enjoy enthralling and immersive gaming experiences with its compelling storytelling, charming and authentic ’90s-inspired art style and unique mix of gameplay elements and genres.

At AstralShift we’ve always prioritized expressing ourselves and our visions in big ways, and this title not only encompasses our ambition as creators and developers, but also our love for the medium and all the elements you can find in the game.

As a small indie team, it’s been a dream come true to bring this title to life and finally be able to share it with everyone. We sincerely hope the players will have as much fun discovering the little secrets and details of Kieferberg as we had making them!

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