SpiderHeck is a fast-paced, couch co-op brawler, where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades, and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes. Spiders with Laser Swords!

Your crazy showdown with friends will become even crazier with the release of an update for SpiderHeck, which will introduce platform cross-play, allowing everyone to play together! This update will bring even more particle blade masters, web swingers, and lava swimmers into the game!

In this article, we want to share with you some tips (and cool tricks!) that will surely help you impress not only your friends and the WHOLE Internet, but also help you emerge victorious from the most breathtaking battles!

Check out these pro tips and tricks on how to master your skills.

Be Unpredictable

Did you know that throwing weapons from your claws can be useful? Well, of course, you should always change unsuitable and broken weapons. But you can throw your particle blade at an enemy and then pull it back, hitting the opponent on the side where they don’t have a pair or two of eyes!

You can even charge the blade before throwing it to enhance the knockback effect. In theory, hehe.

Try catching particle blades or grenades launched from the blade or grenade launchers. That’s something your opponents will definitely not expect. Boom!

Use Your Spider… Agility!

Mines activate only upon contact with the surface of platforms or with weapons, so technically, you can juggle them indefinitely, even if they are armed. You’re welcome.

You can also “knock off” weapons from the field with your shots to deprive opponents of the opportunity to pick up a new gun or sword. Or, you can throw a weapon to yourself, although, let’s be honest here, that’s just showing off!  Of course if you’re really clever, you can shoot a gravity grenade right into your enemy… Be cunning and surprising.

This may seem obvious, but… all objects in the game interact with trampolines and portals. Aerotubes also affect the trajectory of projectiles and weapons. Use this wisely, and try not to squish yourself with a random crate.

A Few Super-Pro-MLG Tips!

If you are flying through air with some speed, you can shoot a web slightly behind and above you (30 degrees, give or take) to gain some height, even if you have nothing to attach to. Yes, imagine it’s like a spider jetpack.

If you’re agile enough, you can hold an active laser cube in your claw and even move with it. What a terrible thing, why oh why is this possible in the game?!

We hope these tips will help you become better and master SpiderHeck like never before. Share your incredible moves with us on social media @SpiderHeck_Game, and good luck in the arena!

SpiderHeck is available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Plus, it is included with PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass. Play it today!





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Spiders With Laser Swords!

SpiderHeck is a fast-paced couch co-op brawler where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes.

Challenge yourself by fighting wave after wave of vicious enemies in endless hours of single-player fun, or let the mayhem begin in a dazzling fight against your friends taking on the enemies in PvE; stab, sling, and scramble your way to victory in this silly spider showdown.

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