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F1® Manager 2023

Frontier Developments


F1 Manager 2023 – July 31
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

F1 Manager 2023 challenges you to manage the F1 team of your choice and on your terms. Start your career as Team Principal at one of the 10 F1 teams and manage every aspect – from the factory, to the garage, to the starting grid. Experience broadcast-quality presentation as you take your team through practice, qualifying, and a thrilling race day for each race of the season and beyond!


Visai Games Inc

Venba – July 31
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

Available on day one with Game Pass: Venba is a short narrative cooking game where you play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Players will cook various dishes and restore lost recipes, hold branching conversations, and explore in this story about family, love, loss, and more.

Night Reverie

Somber Pixel

Night Reverie – August 1
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

Night Reverie is a puzzle/adventure game in which a child must solve the mystery behind the distortion of his house. Enjoy a variety of dream-like environments and discover the truth behind this bizarre place. There must be an answer to all of this and a way to return things back to normal.

There Is No Light

HypeTrain Digital



There Is No Light – August 1

After a large-scale catastrophe, the remnants of humanity took refuge underground where they founded a new religious society. Forgetting sunlight, they blindly worship the god of the new world — the great Hand. Every few years the great Hand descends to the Central Station and takes chosen newborns to the world hidden behind the huge Temple gates. The protagonist goes on a dangerous journey through a hostile world, hoping to find a way to open the gates of the Temple and return his child.

Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm

FDG Entertainment

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm – August 2
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, set a thousand years before the events of the first chapter, takes you on a magical journey across the vast world of Gaia, brimming with mythology and lore. A young Knight faces an impossible challenge, as Warlock Mesmeroth has returned with a formidable Dark Army. Will our hero be able to unite the Owrus, Gillfolk, and men in a fight for the fate of the world?

Potata: fairy flower (Xbox Series X|S)

Sometimes You


Free Trial

Potata: Fairy Flower (Xbox Series X|S) – August 2
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

This adventure platformer tells a story of a young witch exploring fairy forests to find herself and save her home. Join her quest now! Immerse yourself into a picture-perfect fantasy – solve numerous puzzles, fight enemies, reveal all the secrets… and don’t forget to save the world!

Roads of Time 2

8floor ltd

Roads of Time 2: Odyssey – August 2

Embark on an incredible journey through the various locations of Ancient Greece, rich in ancient monuments and legendary creatures, in this exciting but casual strategy game. Includes many diverse tasks, more than 40 levels, a comical plot, simple and addictive gameplay, as well as a fantastic world! Find treasures, restore historical monuments, defeat monsters from the legends of old, and employ resourceful management.

Save Koch



Save Koch – August 2

In Save Koch, you play as a mafia Godfather, who is basically besieged inside his own panic room. Someone in the city decided to take your place, and there is a sleeper “mole” inside your family, who is acting as we speak. Time is running out! You only have six days to solve the plot, discover who is behind this conspiracy, resolve the problem, and send the challenger to feed the fish.

The Red Exile – Survival Horror

Eastasiasoft Limited

The Red Exile – Survival Horror – August 2
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

First-person survival horror gets a roguelike twist in The Red Exile, where every playthrough is randomized across a procedurally generated map to keep you on your toes, while elements of hand-crafted puzzles and level design are layered within. Your task is to perform an exile rite to rid this realm of your maniac pursuer before he can kill you first.


QUByte Interactive


Adore – August 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Adore is a monster-taming action game where the main character, Lukha, can summon and control creatures to fight by his side in a simple and innovative way! Customize your gameplay according to the creatures you capture. Each of them has very different characteristics and abilities.

Whispike Survivors

Grimorio of Games



Whispike Survivors – August 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Cultivate the strongest monster in this horde survivor farming game! Fight against waves of creatures to beef up your Whispike and use its seeds to create even stronger hybrids! Whispike Survivors blends two trendy game genres: horde survivor and farm simulator. In this game you will control one of Sword of the Necromancer’s monsters and make it fight other critters to make it the strongest!

Astralojia: Season 1

Astrah LLC


Astralojia: Season 1 – August 4

Inspired by turn-based JRPGs, games, and anime, with a touch of American sitcom somewhere in between, Astralojia starts as a comedy slice-of-life series that follows the lives of the students of a martial arts and magic school as they deal with the trials and tribulations of everyday life in the world of Astralojia.

Death Becomes You

Ratalaika Games S.L.

Death Becomes You – August 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Death Becomes You is a murder mystery visual novel set in a magical university. Who murdered your best friend? You find 4 suspicious students at the scene. As all of them turn on you and accuse you of the murder, how can you find the truth and prove your innocence? Untangle the reasons behind Lyra’s death by building friendships with 4 of your fellow magic students.


Guará Studios

Sapu – August 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

Sapu is a young frog who lives in the frog village located in the frog forest. On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, Sapu is awakened by other villagers informing him that his grandfather had been bitten by a poisonous carnivorous plant while catching fireflies for dinner, and that he was on the brink of death. Sapu despairs but soon has an idea of how to save his grandfather and goes on an adventure in the forest.

Strange Horticulture

Iceberg Interactive



Strange Horticulture – August 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game in which you play as the proprietor of a local plant store. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your collection of powerful plants to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Samustai LTD

Ultimate General: Gettysburg – August 4

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a critically acclaimed tactical battle simulator that allows you to lead thousands of soldiers in the battle of Gettysburg as commander of either the Union or Confederate army. The game features the most accurately created map, complex morale, innovative control mechanics, and smart AI. Your decisions and military performance play a crucial role in the result.

WildTrax Racing

Super PowerUp Games



WildTrax Racing – August 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery / Xbox Play Anywhere

In WildTrax Racing, you will enjoy the wildest and most spectacular races in natural environments, featuring several game modes such as arcade and 4-player multiplayer. Plus, you will be able to compare your best times with friends and players around the world on the online ranking chart.

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