• Fall Guys Season 4 launches today, introducing Creative Mode for all players
  • Build custom levels with a robust suite of tools and share them with the community
  • Learn more about Creative Mode in an exclusive Q&A with Miguel Rafael, Lead Designer on Fall Guys Creative

Alongside the launch of Season 4, Fall Guys has introduced Creative Mode, giving players all the tools they need to create custom stages to play and share, and it’s available today!

Xbox Wire was lucky enough to take a peek at Creative Mode in action ahead of launch, and it looks like brilliant fun indeed. The tools are intuitive; you don’t have to be a master architect to build a challenging and chaotic level. Simply place a starting point and a finishing line, and then fill out the course with bouncy obstacles, steep ramps, and other wacky objects for your beans to overcome.

We also had the opportunity to speak to Miguel Rafael, Lead Designer on Fall Guys Creative, to learn more about how Creative Mode was built to be accessible without restrictions. If you do see Miguel in a lobby with you, make sure you definitely DON’T grab him, he’s let us know that he has a hard time getting Crowns as it is…

Now, onto the Creative stuff!

Xbox Wire: Why did bringing Fall Guys Creative to Fall Guys feel like a great idea?

Miguel Rafael: Players are hungry for Fall Guys content, and we felt that the best way to satisfy that voracious appetite was to release Creative into the wild. It is all about putting the power to shape the Fall Guys experience and universe directly into players’ hands.

How is Creative designed to grant players freedom, while respecting the limitations of a working level?

MR: We allow players to mix and match obstacles at will, place them where they want, rotate them as they wish, and change various attributes such as speed, strength, and size. As for respecting the limitations of a working level, our goal is to break free of them!

We want to expand the editor in ways that allow players to redefine what a Fall Guys level is all about! So stay tuned for updates. We are bringing some never-before-seen Fall Guys treats to Creative!

What kind of things have been made internally with the tool? Have any of the creations surprised you?

RM: All of the Rounds for the new season have been created by our level design team in Creative! This is the most levels we have ever shipped in a season. And yes, during every playtest, the team would say, “Wait, what? You can do that in Creative?!” There are some really unbelievable races this season.

Could a player’s mode become so popular that it gets added to the main game?

RM: Yes! Players’ levels selected by our team will make their way into the Show Selector! For more information on how your Round can get featured, check out the Fall Guys Creative FAQ!

Can you run us through the types of items that will be available in Creative, examples of what is included, and how to use them?

RM: In Fall Guys there’s only one item type that matters: OBSTACLES. Luckily, we’ve added plenty of them, including classic obstacles, fan favorites, and a brand new one for the season launch. Feel free to use them to your heart’s content – there’s no wrong way to be creative!

Can players add their own flair with custom palettes/changing the color and look of objects?

RM: You can change the colors of most obstacles and building blocks. In the future, we hope to expand the color selection to give creators even more freedom.

What can players look forward to in terms of ongoing updates?

RM: Are you trying to get me to spill top-secret information?

We will, of course, be bringing more classic obstacles to Creative as well as brand new ones. The same goes for Round types! That’s all I can say about that for now, but we can’t wait to show everyone the endless possibilities with Fall Guys Creative!

It’s time to get Creative!

You’ll be glad to hear that Fall Guys Creative is available to play now, and there’s even more goodies to enjoy as part of Season 4.

To keep up with all things Fall Guys, including updates on store items, collaborations and Limited Time events, check out the official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Never stumble alone and join the shenanigans on the official Fall Guys Discord. Make sure you use #FallGuysCreative when posting videos or screenshots of your level⁠—as this is a great way to get your Rounds seen and played by the community!

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