Frictional Games has announced the next game in the horrifying Amnesia series, Amnesia: The Bunker, and it’s potentially the biggest departure from the series yet.

The studio announced that their next Amnesia game will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in 2023. The developers are calling Amnesia: The Bunker their most open game yet with players able to explore a semi-open world with hardly any scripted events.

This means players can explore different paths and areas without being constrained, but the terror will come from an “ever-present threat” so be warned.

Furthermore, players will be able to choose their gameplay style as they will be equipped with both a revolver and noisy dynamo flashlight. While players can defend themselves, they’ll also be able to survive through stealth.

Amnesia: The Bunker will play as a French soldier haunted by his amnesia. The game is set in a dark, World War 1 bunker.

Frictional is promising multiple solutions for each task, puzzle, and other obstacles, all contributing to the new sense of freedom and openness in the new Amnesia game. The semi-open world actively encourages exploration and experimentation according to the developers, but each decision can change the outcome of how the game responds.

Given that the game is unscripted, objects, threats, and resources will also change in every playthrough.

Amnesia: The Bunker is the latest game in the Amnesia series following Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Amnesia: Rebirth. You can read IGN’s review for Amnesia: Rebirth here.

Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor. You can reach him @lawoftd.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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