For Cyber Week, Amazon is offering the best prices we’ve seen on every Harry Potter Illustrated Edition Hardcover book, thanks to a combination of instant discounts and a clippable $5 coupon right on the product page. This includes the newest Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix that was released last month. You can get all 5 books for under $100! This deal wasn’t around on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It’s definitely going to be a popular seller for Christmas gift shoppers, so jump on thesnow before they sell out.

The Harry Potter Illustrated Edition Hardcover books are the nicest and most coveted physical Harry Potter books you can get your hands on. These aren’t just “regular’ hardcovers with only a few sparing pages of art; instead, each book is replete with numerous full-color illustrations. Currently only five of the books have illustrated editions: Book 1 (Sorceror of Stone), Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets), Book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban), and Book 4 (The Goblet of Fire), and very recently, Book 5 (Order of the Pheonix).

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Illustrated Edition

Order of the Phoenix is the latest illustrated edition, and it’s also the longest. This massive tome is 576 pages long. That shouldn’t be a surprise, as the books grew in length as the series went on. It’s illustrated with full-color images throughout by Jim Kay and Neil Packer. Some of the illustrations are full pages–or double-page spreads–while others are smaller images set among the text itself. It’s makes for a strikingly gorgeous book and an immersive read.

All Harry Potter Illustrated Editions Published So Far

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