Black Friday might have come and gone, but these deals on PS5 compatible solid state drives (SSDs) are still available through the weekend and possibly until Cyber Monday. You can’t use any old SSD and expect it to perform well on the PS5 console. You’ll want to pick up an PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 solid state drive with a rated 5,500MB/s read speed to match the PS5’s internal drive. High-speed SSDs have gone down in price significantly this year, and that makes Black Friday 2022 a perfect opportunity to finally score some excellent deals on bigger 2TB storage modules for your new PS5 gaming console.

The Best Black Friday PS5 SSD Deals

There may be other SSD deals out there for Black Friday, but these are the SSDs we’ve tried ourselves and highly recommend. They also double up as outstanding boot drives for your gaming PC, in case you don’t need additional storage for your PS5 console.

How easy is it to install the SSD?

It’s extremely easy! Removing the case cover is completely toolless. In fact, the only screw you have to remove is the one that keeps the cover for the SSD bay in place. You don’t even put it back when you’re done. Sony has a quick and easy YouTube video guide.

What if the SSD I bought doesn’t have a heatsink?

Sony recommends you install an SSD that has an attached heatsink. If the SSD you purchase doesn’t include one, it’s simple enough to buy one for about $10 on Amazon and add it yourself. Most of these heatsinks are just attached using an adhesive like thermal tape.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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