It’s Black Friday at last. Now the big day has arrived, it’s time to get stuck in to some of the very best Nintendo deals around this year. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch bundle deal from basically every Black Friday of the past is back once again, and is now live at Best Buy Black Friday and GameStop Black Friday If you’re looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch as a gift for someone, the Mario Kart 8 Black Friday Switch bundle is perfect.

There’s also a Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday deal, something we’ve never seen before.

Check out more of the best early Black Friday video game deals for more discounts.

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Best Live Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deal: Nintendo Switch OLED for $319.99

While the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 bundle is a familiar sight for Black Friday, there’s a good reason for it: it always sells like hot cakes. At $299, with the console and game, plus 3 months of NSO, it’s a solid deal and in year’s past it’s sold out within a few hours of retailer availability. If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch gift this year, it’s a solid choice. It also usually sells out shortly after coming online.

Beyond the usual Switch bundle deal for Black Friday 2022, we’re also going to get some nice Nintendo Switch game deals on some of the biggest Switch games around. The following deals are the games and prices officially announced by Nintendo, but expect retailers to try and out-do one another with prices and selections this Black Friday. Check out Walmart’s Nintendo Switch sale prices for November 21, for example.

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Walmart Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

Some of the best video game deals at Walmart are these Black Friday Switch game deals happening right now. However, Walmart has really had the best Black Friday deals so far, and since Walmart Black Friday started so early, deals are starting to sell out. You may need to venture out to your local Walmart to get some of these deals.

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Amazon Black Friday Nintendo Switch Game Deals

For whatever reason, Amazon is playing coy this Black Friday with its Nintendo Switch deals. Rather than price-match its competitors, for a lot of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday game deals at Amazon, the online giant has just marked them out of stock. The Bayonetta deal is live, though, and is easily the best deal on a very new, very great game for Nintendo Switch.

More Nintendo Switch Game Deals at Amazon

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Best Buy Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

More Nintendo Switch Deals at Best Buy

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GameStop Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

GameStop kicked off the week with early Black Friday deals on tons of games, including some solid Nintendo Switch games at great prices.

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Of course, this is just a small selection of the Black Friday video game deals, themselves a small part of the overall insanity that is Black Friday. We’re covering all the Black Friday deals, so find all the best deals account on Twitter at IGNDeals, and make sure to follow this and other articles as they go live.

All the Best Black Friday Sales and Deals

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