If you want to buy an Xbox Series X for Black Friday, Walmart has them right now. Unlike the Black Friday Xbox Series X deal from earlier today, you don’t need to have Walmart+ to get yours. The consoles are now open to everyone. If you’d rather get a PS5 for Black Friday, Walmart is offering the same availability right now. But unlike the PS5, you don’t have to wait in a virtual line. You can just buy one.

Xbox Series X at Walmart for Black Friday

Availability of the Xbox Series X is probably the closest thing we’ll see to a proper Xbox Black Friday deal on the console, but there’s another way. If you’d rather just have access to the Xbox game library for half the cost, the Xbox Series S Black Friday deal is among the best Black Friday deals of 2022. Amazon was offering it for a mere $239, while Dell has the Xbox Series S holiday bundle for $234.

Xbox Series S Black Friday Deals

The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals

Source: IGN Video Games All

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