If you’re hoping to buy a PS5 or PS5 bundle, Walmart has them in stock right now. Unlike earlier today, you don’t need to be a Walmart+ members. Anyone can get one! Well, kind of. When you click on the links, you’re immediately put into a line to get your chance at a PS5.

Get a PS5 Right Now at Walmart

As mentioned before, earlier access required Walmart+, but that’s no longer the case. You can still sign up for Walmart+ for future benefits, but for the time being, PS5 is open to everyone willing to wait in a virtual line.

Walmart+ is $12.98 for a single month or $98 annually.

Does Amazon Have PS5 In Stock?

This is an interesting question. For Black Friday, Amazon doesn’t have anything up its sleeve as far as the PS5 is concerned (at least, not that we know of). However, you can sign up for a PS5 invitation on several different PlayStation 5 SKUs listed below. From what we’ve seen through IGNDeals on Twitter and our own reporting, these invitations have been going out pretty quickly.

Amazon PlayStation 5 Invitations

When Does PS5 Go on Sale at Walmart for Black Friday?

  • Monday, 11/21 at 12pm ET at Walmart.com for Walmart+ members only
  • Monday, 11/21, at 7 pm ET at Walmart.com
  • Black Friday, 11/25, in-stores

The availability of PlayStation 5 consoles is one of the many PS5 Black Friday deals happening, although at full price it’s not really a deal. But it beats scalper prices!

Source: IGN Video Games All

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