Neural Cloud is a sci-fi strategy card game that’s set in the popular Girls’ Frontline (GFL) franchise. You’re tasked with building teams based around GFL’s iconic Dolls—Androids designed for war, labor, and entertainment—and guiding them out of a ruined virtual world.

The dystopian world of GFL is owned by private militaries and corporations that clamber over each other for power, and things aren’t any different in Neural Cloud. The Neural Cloud, which was born in 2060 to store cloud backups of Dolls and other kinds of AI, was ground zero for a failed experiment that seemingly caused several Dolls (and the professor behind the experiment) to vanish. You take on the role of the lost professor and assemble a team of fellow “Exiles” in hopes of getting everyone out of the virtual limbo.

A Side-Story in a Huge Franchise

The Neural Cloud is a mysterious location in GFL, which in turn is a hugely successful franchise around the world, and especially in Asian countries. The games have ranked consistently as a top download across China, Korea, and Japan since the first GFL title came to the App Store in 2016. GFL has had crossover events with games and other anime, including BlazBlue and Gunslinger Girl. It’s also been the basis for merchandise and symphonic concerts.GFL’s world is complex and detailed, but Neural Cloud is as friendly to GFL newcomers as it is to established fans.

Succeed with Skill (and a Little Luck)

Neural Cloud establishes itself as an accessible entry point for beginners while also having plenty of layers to satisfy experienced card game fans. Collecting Neural Cloud’s dolls and building them up for combat in the virtual world aligns well with its roguelike elements, such as its randomly-generated maps.

Every go-around in Neural Cloud brings a unique set of challenges. “Conflict Zones” initiate battles on each map, which in turn reward you with Function Cards that contain buffs and power-ups. But the location and difficulty of these skirmishes vary each time, which forces you to stay on your toes. “Function Libraries,” which let you buy and sell Function Cards, never stay put. A map might give you access to a restorative “Recovery Area”—but it might not. And then there are Anomaly Areas, which can throw unknown variables into the fray. Surviving in Neural Cloud means drawing up long-term strategies, but it also means being prepared for anything the harsh digital landscape might throw at you. Fortune and planning will both serve you when it comes time to take on a map’s boss.

A Cyber City Worth Living In

The Neural Cloud is a digital land, but it’s anything but empty data. The corporations that run GFL’s world leave their imprint everywhere, especially on landscapes and doll designs. Companies store their data in relevant “Sectors.” The Cyber Media entertainment conglomerate, for example, runs a Sector that resembles a neon-lit metropolis. Dolls are likewise designed according to each corporation’s themes. Ultimate Life, a pharmaceutical company, makes dolls that carry futuristic healing technology. Svarog Heavy Industries’ dolls don combat gear and carry very big guns. Cyber Media’s dolls wear wild colors and stylish clothing that reflect the entertainment industry.

These style differences mean you’ll have plenty of choice when you collect materials and build your Oasis and dormitories for your dolls. The Oasis is your new home in the Neural Cloud, and it’s where you want to go whenever you need to wind down. You can build up the haven however you like, and acquire important bonuses and resources in the meantime. The Oasis also contains your dolls’ dormitory, where you can spend quality time with the team that fights for you.

Neural Cloud gives GFL fans a brand-new experience wrapped in the aesthetics and world they know while laying down a clear point of entry for anyone who’s been curious about the world-renowned GFL franchise. Neural Cloud is available now on Google Play and the App Store. Click this link to meet your dolls and start your adventure!

Source: IGN Video Games All

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