Kirby and the Forgotten Land seems to be the best-selling Kirby game, ever.

As reported by VGC, Nintendo’s Fiscal Year Ending March 2023 Six Months Earnings Release, revealed that Kirby and the Forgotten Land has sold a further 2.61 million in this past quarter. This seemingly means that the recently released Kirby game has racked up an impressive 5.27 million copies sold since launch.

This beats out the franchise’s previous record holder – Kirby’s Dream Land for the original Game Boy is thought to have sold 5.13 million copies.

If this historic figure is correct, then Kirby and the Forgotten Land has comfortably bested it.

Although that’s not a huge surprise – Nintendo has previously claimed that the game sold 4 million copies in its first fifteen weeks.

Not to mention, critics went mad for Kirby’s latest adventure.

IGN’s review of Kirby and the Forgotten Land gave it 8/10 and said: “Kirby and the Forgotten Land successfully warps the series’ already fun mix of ability-based combat, platforming, and secret hunting into the third dimension. The post-apocalyptic setting may not be as thematically interesting as Planet Popstar, but it is still lovely and vibrant, with cleverly designed levels that make consistently smart use of Kirby’s abilities. Despite the change in perspective, Forgotten Land maintains most of what I love about classic Kirby games – and if the future means more 3D adventures for our hungry pink hero, I’d be more than happy to swallow them up.”

Kirby and the Forgotten Land reportedly enjoyed the biggest Japanese launch in the history of the series, selling 380,000 copies in its first week alone.

The game is currently sitting at 85 on Metacritic.

The game takes Kirby into uncharted waters as a full 3D platformer, but developer Shinya Kumazaki said that won’t necessarily be the standard going forward.

“Nintendo is on the same page as us, and this is something we talk about often. We hope to go beyond what is currently imaginable and challenge ourselves to create new and innovative Kirby games.”

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Ryan Leston is an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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