“God of War Ragnarok is an almighty achievement and creates a new high that makes many of its peers look mortal by comparison.” God of War Ragnarok Review via Simon Cardy

The launch of God of War Ragnarok is finally here. With God of War being one of the greatest video games of all time, it’s no wonder we can’t wait to carry on this epic father and son journey in the new sequel. In anticipation of its release on November 9th, IGN will jump right into the GoW Ragnarok gameplay, get an inside scoop on the game’s creation and hear more insights from some of the brilliant creative leads behind the sequel.

Join us as we play through God of War Ragnarok while game Director Eric Williams and Lead Combat Designers Mihir Sheth and Denny Yeh tell us more about creating this 10/10 game. It’s time to go beyond the preview and watch us play the masterpiece that is God of War Ragnarok.

How to Watch the God of War Ragnarok Launch Stream

There are two chances to watch the stream on Tuesday, November 8th. The first chance to watch will be bright and early on the west coast at 3am PT, and the second opportunity to tune in will be at 6am PT:

Launch Stream 1

When: 3am PT, Tuesday 11/8

Where: Watch at any of the following places:

God of War Ragnarok Launch Stream (Replay)

When: 6am PT/9am ET

Where: Watch the stream on any of the same channels listed above, plus:

What to Expect:

IGN’s Daemon Hatfield (host of Game Scoop!) will be interviewing the God of War Ragnarok creators, we’ll show off some of the game’s hardest difficulty as Jada Griffin (IGN’s Community Lead) tears through enemies and Destin Legarie will join in to discuss why the gameplay mechanics are so special.

For More God of War Ragnarok:

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