• Gamevice Flex for Android or iOS is a new case compatible mobile controller.
  • Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Game Controller is designed for both console and mobile gaming, so you are ready for any session.
  • RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) is for iPad users that want to level up their gaming experience.
  • GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android offers customization and interchangeable parts for a unique mobile gaming experience.

Whether you’re an avid console gamer or someone looking to dip your toe into the gaming pool, with Xbox Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the flexibility to play when and how you want has never been easier. Xbox Cloud Gaming not only unlocks the ability to seek out your next gaming adventure by streaming hundreds of games anywhere with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but allows you to do so on the devices you already own. With the addition of a mobile gaming controller from our Designed for Xbox partners, you can transform your phone or tablet into a mobile gaming machine with the function and familiarity of a console controller.

Today we are highlighting the latest Designed for Xbox mobile gaming accessories from our partners at Gamevice, Turtle Beach, RiotPWR, and GameSir. Each of these accessories continues to expand the flexibility of mobile gaming, creating even more ways to play however you want.

Gamevice Flex for Android or iOS

Gamevice Flex is the new, case compatible, mobile controller that delivers a seamless transition from console to mobile gaming. Compatible with thousands of phone cases for both Android and iPhone, Flex eliminates the risk and inconvenience of having to repeatedly remove your phone case. Using the included Adapter Kit, customize the fit for your device, with or without the case on, and easily attach the controller when the moment strikes. Full-sized precision thumbsticks, updated buttons, Hall Effect triggers and improved ergonomics add comfort during long play sessions. With the addition of the highly requested 3.5mm audio jack, plug in your favorite wired headset for lag free, robust audio. The direct connection to your phone delivers low-latency gaming in the palm of your hands. The ability to collapse into a compact size for easy portability makes Flex the perfect controller for mobile cloud-based gaming. Gamevice Flex is available today in the U.S. for Android at $99.95 and for iPhone at $109.95 USD.

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Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Game Controller

The new Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller was designed for both console and mobile gaming, with features to boost your experience no matter where you want to play. With the flip of a switch, you can transition between wireless mobile gaming on Android and Windows PCs, to wired console gaming on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PCs with the included 10ft braided cable. Using the two mappable quick action buttons on the back, you can customize your gaming experience and store up to four unique profiles that carry over between both mobile and console gaming. With the adjustable phone clip, you can connect even the largest smartphones directly to the controller. Detach the phone clip, and it becomes a tabletop stand allowing even more ways to play. The massive 30+ hour life ensures you are fueled up and ready for all-day gaming on the go. When gaming on console, connect your favorite wired gaming headset into the 3.5mm audio jack to access Turtle Beach’s suite of exclusive audio controls, including Superhuman Hearing for a competitive edge, EQ presets, Game and Chat Volume Mix, Mic Monitoring and more – directly on the controller. The Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller is available today in Blue Magma and Black for $99.99 USD in the U.S. and participating international retailers.

If you prefer the feel and compact size of a true mobile controller, Turtle Beach recently announced the Atom Controller for Android. The Atom features two independent modules that use low-latency Bluetooth for gaming on Android smartphones, while staying tied to each other using Turtle Beach’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The versatile design accommodates nearly every size of Android smartphones with no need to remove phone cases, and a 20-hour battery life means Atom is always ready for gaming-on-the-go. When not in use, the modules magnetically fuse together to easily fit in your pocket or the included carrying pouch. The Turtle Beach Atom Controller for Android is available for pre-order for $99.99 USD from Turtle Beach and participating retailers worldwide and will launch November 14, 2022.

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RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition)

The RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) enables mobile gaming on your 7th generation or newer iPad with all the controls you’d expect from a console gaming experience. Featuring full-sized thumbsticks, an improved D-pad for accuracy, Hall Effect triggers for ultimate precision, a Share button and an Xbox button for full control of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). The controller connects directly to your iPad via the Lightning connection for low-latency mobile gaming. The RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) is available for pre-order today at $79.99 USD in most markets worldwide and will launch on November 1, 2022.

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GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android

The GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android offers customizable options to craft your perfect mobile gaming experience. The X2 Pro comes with 2 additional, mappable back buttons that you can set instantly, even in the middle of the game, with no extra software required. Take customization one step further with interchangeable ABXY buttons and additional thumbstick caps so you can tailor your mobile controller to match your playstyle. Featuring magnetic Hall Effect analog triggers that are accurate to 0.1mm, Kailh microswitch bumpers, ALPS 3D analog thumbsticks and textured rubber grips ensure you don’t lose console quality controls when gaming on the go. The X2 Pro also comes with the classic X2 series carrying case so you can keep all your essential mobile gaming accessories together in one place and protected from travel. The GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller for Android is available today in both black and white for $79.99 USD worldwide.

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With the latest Designed for Xbox mobile gaming accessories, gamers can improve their mobile gaming setup with console level controls and features. No matter how you like to game across both console and mobile, our Designed for Xbox partners are here to offer choice in creating a gaming setup that feels right for you. We are continuously looking for new ways to make game time just that much better, so make sure to check out for your next favorite gaming accessory.

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