It’s been a month since Youtubers Life 2 announced the #CityStories update, a free update that brings new ways of playing the game, exploring NewTube City and experiencing all its hidden adventures!

This update comes as a celebration for all the support the Youtubers Life franchise has received. Youtubers Life 2 alone has had over 3,000 streamers playing the game, and more than 50 million views on YouTube achieved during this first year. Youtubers Life 2 has definitely become a trend!

But now let’s take a look at everything that’s coming to the game right now!

New Challenges Every Day to Get Exclusive Items and Benefits!

With the new Tubiticket feature, you can complete challenges and redeem points at the Tubiticket Terminal. You’ll obtain different resources, such as special discounts, upgrades to your channels, boost for your friendships and even additional items. You will never run out of stuff to do!

Choose the Way You Want to Grow with the New Skill Tree!

Produce and publish content to earn skill points, and develop your skills as a Youtuber. You will be able to unlock new scripts for your videos and improve their performance. Master your abilities, improve your workshops and create the most unique content online!

A Bunch of New Customizations and Rewards!

Has your style gone out of fashion? Refresh your identity with new personalization options for your character creations, new clothes and costumes, awesome new furniture collections to decorate your home and interactive items to make your setup alive!

A New Unycicle to Roam the City!

Wandering the streets looking for a scooter station is not classy enough for an internet celebrity like you. Hop on your unicycle whenever you want, race through NewTube City and get those trends before they’re gone. Don’t forget to snap some pics on the way!

Improved Friendship Stories and Cutscenes!

It’s time to forge relationships with more than 30 charismatic characters! Become involved in their lives and build meaningful friendships, now with fresher dialogues, new cutscenes and exclusive rewards.

Use Card Powers and Videogame Genres to Play Strategically!

You will be able to increase your video score by using the newly added card effects, by obtaining temporary buffs during while you record your videos. Mix that with the new Mastery feature and showcase your expertise in the different video game genres to get the most views.

Over 1000 Improvements and Fixes!

Youtubers Life 2 have been listening to the community and gathering all feedback to massively improve on the game experience and fix every little bug that has been reported.

Youtubers Life 2: #CityStories is out! Your road to fame starts now!

Youtubers Life 2

Raiser Games

Explore NewTube City to discover new trends and build new relationships with different characters to take your channel to new heights every day!

Every trend is a story to discover in NewTube City! Explore what’s hot all over 3 different neighborhoods among special challenges, seasonal events, famous characters, and many more! Identify the best trends for your channel, find out why they are so popular, and create new content to keep growing your fan base and expand your possibilities!

Friends, rivals, or even lovers! Strike up new relationships with over 30 talented characters who can drive you to success. As you make friends with them, they will open up to you, ask you for help with their personal troubles, or tell you their secrets. Your network is your net worth!

Collect special rewards to relive your adventures and prove your reputation. Expand your creativity by grabbing characteristic customization items and unlocking new strengths that will enhance your personality. Level up your fandom and get closer to fame!

Kick off your path to success! Master the content you like to post: Gameplays, First Impressions, Interviews, Streamings, Unboxings, and many more! Post what you live and what you discover out there to earn tons of cash, and grow your expertise the way you want to become unique.

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