Fallout: London won’t feature a ghoul-ified Queen Elizabeth after all.

The ambitious Fallout 4 mod builds a whole new part of the Fallout universe by recreating a post-apocalyptic London. However, in a new development update, creator Dean Carter confirmed that it’s removing the planned characters based on Queen Elizabeth and King Charles.

“We have always maintained that if she was to pass away before the mod was complete we would change it,” said Carter (via The Verge). “Do not expect them in there. There’s no point asking in the comments. There’s no point moaning. It’s the official stance of the mod, and it will not change.”

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, and Fallout: London soon announced via Twitter that the planned character would be removed.

“Fallout: London will honor our previous statement; That in the event of Her Majesty’s death, our feature for her within the mod will be removed and any previously drawn-up plans or artwork are now considered null and void.”

Earlier concept art shows both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles depicted as ‘ghouls’ – Fallout’s take on zombies, who are essentially humans mutated when the nuclear bombs dropped across the world on October 23, 2077.

The Queen featured the monarch in one of her classic suit and hat combos, flanked by ravenous, ghoulish corgis. Meanwhile, King Charles was featured wearing either a top hat or a crown, with a disheveled morning suit completing his look. Considering the Queen’s recent death, it’s obvious why this might be considered inappropriate.

Although both these characters won’t appear, it looks as though the Fallout: London team is planning a replacement. However, at the moment, they were unable to provide specifics, telling fans to “wait and see”.

Fallout: London is expected to release sometime in 2023 and has been met with a lot of enthusiasm from both fans and Bethesda, who have since hired members of the Fallout: London team.

Unfortunately, Fallout 5 is still years away, with plans to release it sometime after Elder Scrolls VI. Want to read more about Fallout? Check out the impressive Fallout: London trailer as well as the first details from the upcoming Fallout TV show.

Ryan Leston is an entertainment journalist and film critic for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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