When it comes to cosplay, there are a ton of options, and the choices are unlimited if you’re making your own. Since not all of us have the skills (or maybe the time) to make our own, we picked some top pre-made fandom costumes to make things easier.

From Star Wars, to My Hero Academia, to Halo, to Jurassic Park, there is something for everyone out there. These are just some of our favorite costumes you can buy for last minute Halloween ideas, and to even repurpose for your next cosplay event.

Top Gun Jumpsuit Costume

Soar sky-high with this Top Gun jumpsuit while looking fly and staying comfortable. With the Top Gun sequel rocketing into our hearts, there’s no better time to be your own Tom Cruise this year. Face it; you’d be breaking protocol if you don’t buy this for yourself. Add some shades to the mix and you’re all set to jet.

Wanda Scarlet Witch Costume

Wanda’ what you should be for Halloween? Go bold with one of the most magical Marvel costumes out there, and be the infamous Scarlet Witch for a day. This costume fulfills the Wanda comic book character look, allowing you to unleash your own red chaos magic. Make Wanda proud.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adult Rey Costume

This officially licensed Rey costume will allow fans of a galaxy far, far away to take up the role of one of the most iconic characters in modern Star Wars. It includes the deluxe Rey top, elastic waist pants, detached sleeves, cuff, and belt with pouch. The only thing you’ll need to provide is her quarterstaff for the complete look!

Valecos My Hero Academia Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay Costume

Get all you need to cosplay as My Hero Academia’s Ochaco Uraraka with this set that includes a belt, coat, shirt, skirt, stockings, and tie. It’s made of cotton and cloth and honestly, it’s even suitable even for daily wear if you can’t get enough of the outfit and just want to wear it around town. This is a judgment-free zone.

MicCostumes Izuku Midoriya (Deku) Cosplay Costume

Become My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya (Deku) with this set that includes a top, trousers, belt with waist bads, gloves, mask, and knee pads. For maximum authenticity, you’ll need to provide your own wig and shoes. Other than those details, it covers everything else you need to live out your My Hero Academia dreams in the real world.

Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

For those looking to cosplay as…a DINOSAUR…this official Jurassic World Velociraptor costume is the perfect choice for you. It is has a zipper closure and features a plastic window so you can see where you’re stalking.

Rubie’s Captain Marvel Hero Suit Costume

This Captain Marvel adult costume is perfect for those looking to cosplay as Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, portrayed in the 2019 movie by Brie Larson. This costume is officially licensed by Marvel Studios and includes the instantly recognizable Captain Marvel jumpsuit with a printed belt at the waistline.

Disguise Men’s Halo Master Chief Ultra Prestige Costume

This officially licensed Master Chief outfit will make any prospective Spartan feel like John-117, Master Chief himself. It has a fully printed under suit, comes with over 20 pieces of game-accurate sculpted armor, and includes light-up helmet.

Tunic Hooded Robe Outfit for Jedi Costume

Become a Jedi Knight with this adult tunic hooded robe. The only thing you need to complete it yourself is adding a lightsaber to the look. This excellent Jedi robe is made of a blend of linen, cotton, and polyester and includes the tunic, tabard, belt, pant, and robe. It’s high quality, and can even withstand daily use, so you can wear it to the con without worrying about it unraveling halfway through the day. May the Force be with you on this one.

The Classic Scream Costume

Let’s play a game….You really can’t go wrong with the Scream costume, which remains a classic each year. The only items you may still want to get, if you’re taking it up a notch, is a prop knife and/or gloves!

Source: IGN Video Games All

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