Undecember is a new hack-and-slash action RPG game developed by South Korea’s Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games. With a huge variety of character customizations, based on intricate item variations and skill systems, Undecember’s combat encourages players to build their characters and experiment to find their unique playstyle.

Pick up new items, evolve your character’s abilities, and delve into challenging PvE dungeons. Looking for a bigger challenge? Try out the multiplayer co-op Party Dungeons, Raids, and competitive PvP movies. No matter how you prefer to play, Undecember is there to immerse you in its interactive content.

New Worlds and Missions

According to history, 12 beings shared their power to create a world called Traum. They lived peacefully amongst their descendants, until an unexpected 13th being, the Evil God Serpens, crept out of the shadows to sow chaos. Your mission is to repel this dark force and their minions and save the world of Traum.

Something Different from the Start

From the start, you’ll notice that Undecember has no set character classes, only a character creator to get you started. Instead, you’ll allocate points for three stats: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), and Intelligence (INT), which will help you carve out the style that best suits your character. After that, you’re ready to dive into the non-traditional gameplay, like conjuring magic while holding a sword, or summoning monsters while wielding a bow and arrow.

Runes Raise Your Skill

Runes are items that allow you to upgrade your character. There are two types: Skill Runes that boost your skills, and Link Runes that amplify your supply of Skill Runes. You can earn these by defeating monsters and completing quests, and you can upgrade them with materials you collect while hunting.

Skill runes have six available slots with particular color codes. When you connect Link Runes of the same color, the Skill rune is boosted by the supplementary effects of the connected Link Runes! The Link runes can have various effects, like increasing damage output, attack range, or boosting the number of projectiles you can fire. You can even find Link Runes that let you trigger rare offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Gear: An Endless Array of Variety and Effects

There are three types of gear: weapons, armor, and accessories, which can only be equipped when the item’s stat requirements are met. A piece of gear’s value corresponds to its level, grade, and quality, and each reacts differently based on who equips it and how it is used.

Zodiac: Use the Stars to Guide Your Character Build

Undecember’s Zodiac-inspired format lets you use points to increase your Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), and Intelligence (INT) stats. If you want to re-spec, you can reset the Zodiac (and your skill set) by using gold or sprinkling the rare Stardust of Oblivion.

Campaign Modes: RPG to PvE

Whether you’re a fan of immersion, fast action, or steady progression, there many ways to engage with Undecember:


This mode is all about loot. You’ll take on an episode, which consists of five acts. Each one increasing in difficulty, and allowing you to earn better gear as you ascend through them.

Acts are available in both single and multiplayer modes, letting you take on the challenge by yourself or with friends! Succeeding in multiplayer mode is more difficult than in solo-play, but teaming up is worth it, since it can increase your end loot by up to 300%. At launch, you’ll be able to experience 10 different Acts.

Chaos Dungeon

After you clear the main episodes, you’ll be able to challenge a Chaos Dungeon. Use a Chaos Card at the Chaos Statue located in the village to enter. After entering, you’ll have to fight your way to the boss room as you clear the monsters that stand in your way.


Raids are co-op experiences that you can complete twice per week. Eight players can team up to hunt down a giant boss. At launch, there will be three raid bosses you can take on, each with their own elemental types and attack patterns, with more on the way.

Spire of Barrier

Spire of Barrier places you and up to 3 other party members in a co-op battle against waves of incoming enemies. You’ll need to survive through each wave to make it out and claim rewards, but as you clear each wave, the field will shrink and limit the space you have to dodge away from enemies.

Void Rift

You can enter the Void Rift at Saluto village. Void Rifts let you take on stronger versions of the campaign bosses with more challenging patterns. Rewards increase as you advance, and the content resets every three weeks.


After players finish episode 2, tutorial quests await at Saluto village to activate Relic, all-new content that lets you summon an Avatar to assist you in battle. Avatars have Passive, Active, and Link skills that can be leveled up by using items dropped by monsters. You can summon one of 12 Avatars, and raise them up to level 30.

Familiar Features for Deeper Interaction

Popular RPG elements round out Undecember such as Player Guilds, an Auction House where you can bid on rare items, and even a Pet System that lets you recruit a faithful sidekick. Plus, an endless variety of skins and colorful costumes allow you to customize your character to fit your aesthetic.

Forward Focused Content

Undecember’s use of the latest hardware capabilities with a creative take on genre conventions makes it a fresh experience for gamers that want to try something new. Players have many ways to interact with the content, customize characters, and break traditional archetypes to play their way.

UNDECEMBER supports cross-play between PC (STEAM, LINE Games PC launcher) and mobile (iOS, Android). It can be played with keyboard and mouse, mobile touchpads, and gamepads. A total of 10 language options are available to choose from, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), German and French.

Undecember is available for download on PC via Steam, App Store and Google Play on October 12, 2022.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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