Life Makeover is an upcoming social simulation game on multiple devices from Archosaur Games that wants to give players the ability to create and customize their own avatar, home, clothing, make-up, and so much more. The team at Archosaur has taken this mission very seriously and has worked to build the most realistic-looking materials and clothing alongside a wealth of options to create whatever style your creative mind wishes.

Archosaur Games, the developer behind Dragon Raja and the upcoming Noah’s Heart, Avatar: Reckoning, and an unannounced Unreal Engine 5 game, want to build a world of fashion that can be shared with friends and used to inspire real-world makeovers. Ahead of its release, we wanted to share four of the most exciting parts of Life Makeover that will make any fashionista turn their head.

Realistic Fabrics and Stunningly Beautiful Clothing

Life Makeover is all about making players feel as though they are one of the top fashion designers in the world with access to the highest-quality material and clothing that can be used to dress up their avatars.

This means players will have access to fabrics like cotton, linen, leather, yarn, embroidery, mohair, wool, cashmere and much more to craft the clothing item of their dreams. Not only was focus put on the material itself, but also on the graphics and lighting that will help bring it to life on screen. This means that even halo generated by silk thread refraction will be present. The aim of Archosaur Games was to make it so the game’s clothing will be indistinguishable from its real-life counterpart.

This level of detail will extend to jewelry and accessories, and Archosaur states that the craftsmanship on display from the lace seal of tulle gloves to an openwork diamond-encrusted wristband to a pearl string lanyard will be of the highest quality will the graphics will rival what can be seen on consoles.

Make-Up That Inspires a Real-World Makeover

Make-Up is another important piece of the fashion puzzle and Archosaur Games put as much importance on make-up as it did on clothing. The countless options available in Life Makeover will allow for players to not only recreate their own make-up routine that they have perfected over the years, but it will also let them experiment and try new combinations and styles to create the best avatar and maybe even inspire a real-world makeover.

This includes all the standard make-up tools alongside hundreds of colors and options to make them glossy or matte, sheer or creamy, and much more. From countless colors of lipstick and overlay options to colored contact lenses to give your avatar a unique look to custom eye makeup, blush, face decoration, and more, the perfect makeover is waiting for you.

Make The Avatar You’ve Always Dreamed Of With Life Makeover’s Character Customization

Having all the options in the world for clothing and make-up are wonderful, but they won’t mean much if you aren’t able to create an avatar that looks like you or an idea you’ve built in your head. Life Makeover allows players to customize many aspects of their avatar, including everything from their smile to their body shape to their skin tone.

From head to toe, Life Makeover wants to give you the tools to build the avatar that best represents you, whatever that may be. This means there will be options to shape everything from your avatars’ eyes, jaw, cheeks, nose, and lips to their body size and so much more.

Build The Home You’ve Always Wanted and Live Your Best Life With Your Friends

While building an avatar is all well and good, Life Makeover takes your creativity one step further and allows you to place them in a home you can also customize to your heart’s content. Have you always wanted to live in a villa overlooking the sea? How about a luxury bungalow or a tranquil farmhouse? In Life Makeover, you can live where you want and build your home as you see fit.

Once you have created your avatar and home, players will be able to experience much of what Life Makeover has to offer with their best friends. This means players can take their adorable pets and show them off to friends, have a peaceful afternoon tea party together, see the homes of other players and their custom avatars, and so much more.

Life Makeover will start pre-registration in multiple regions soon and players can pre-register for the test and the game on its Google Play Store or Apple App Store page. The game will be free-to-play at launch soon to give everyone a chance to create the avatar and home they’ve always wanted.

The current game build is currently geared for Asian regions, however, the US & EU regions’ features and localization are being developed! And in the future, this game will release on multiple systems and devices globally.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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