Future Press’ official strategy guide for Elden Ring, Books of Knowledge, is now available to preorder in the US and UK, costing $49.99/ £39.99 for each volume. Each volume will contain a complete record of The Lands Between, with the first covering the world, while the second will entertain the many creatures you encounter, alongside the arsenal of armaments you can acquire to deal with them.

Both volumes will release on July 29, and can currently be preordered from Amazon. Each premium book will likely contain plenty about the game you already know, in stunning detail may I add, but might also uncover some of the seemingly untapped secrets The Lands Between could still be hiding. Whatever the case, both of these look incredible, so here are the relevant links if you want to preorder ASAP.

Elden Ring’s Official Strategy Guide Is Available to Preorder Now

Both hardcover books are manufactured using the “finest papers” and most durable binding process. Volume 1 features a double-sided world map poster and a bookmark ribbon for ease of reference, while Volume 2 will also include an exclusive interview with Elden Ring’s Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, alongside four carefully selected art prints.

The guide’s description also promised this “truly collectable piece” will be easy to read, and each volume “full of fascinating insights” that might even surprise those who have completed the game.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that many of Future Press’ previous strategy guides tend to hold their value on resale sites like eBay, so buying these copies could even turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

Elden Ring Figures Also Available to Preorder

If you missed out on preordering one of the Elden Ring Figuarts Minis from Tamashii Nations when we first announced them, you’re in luck. There’s still plenty of time left to secure your Raging Wolf or Melina Elden Ring figures. Preorders close June 22, but if we run out before then we’ll have to close the preorder window. And no one wants that.

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