Devolver has, once again, out-weirded the rest of the games industry with its 2022 summer showcase. Hosted by a malfunctioning “mecha” Suda51, the Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing was, well, intended to be a countdown… but the ongoing Devolver Cinematic Universe we’ve seen evolve over the last few years managed include robots, sci-fi madness, and several game announcements.

We’ve rounded up all of the new reveals in one handy place:

Anger Foot is a New Game About ‘Kicking Doors and Kicking Ass’

Originally an game, an expanded version of Anger Foot is on its way in 2023. A bonkers FPS in which you use “the world’s deadliest feet”, Anger Foot will have you battering gangsters, buying new sneakers and upgrading your powers as you smash your way through sewers and skyscrapers alike.

The Plucky Squire Is a Beautiful, Ambitious New 2D/3D Adventure

The Plucky Squire sees a beautifully animated storybook adventurer called Jot, who works out he can leap out of said book into the 3D world. It results in one game with two very different perspectives. Inside the book is a top-down, 2D, hand-drawn adventure filled with mini-games. Outside the book is a gigantic world set in a child’s bedroom, reminsicent of It Takes Two’s 3D adventures. It gets stranger too – different surfaces can become 2D spaces of their own, from mugs to lunchboxes. It will arrive in 2023 for PC, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Cult of the Lamb Is Out on August 11

Cult of the Lamb mixes Binding of Isaac-like action with town management in a deceptively evil world, as you build a demonic cult of animals to do your dark bidding and return an ancient evil to the world. It wil larrive for PC, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on August 11. A demo is also available on Steam.

Skate Story: Gorgeous Skateboarding Adventure Is Now a Devolver Game

We’ve seen Skate Story pop up multiple times over the years, and it’s always made an impression – and it clearly did for Devolver too, who have now taken on publishing duties. Arriving in 2023, the gorgeously stylized fantasy-skateboarding adventure sees you piloting a low-poly, glass demon into the underworld. Do it well and you’ll progress on your journey – bail and and you’ll smash to pieces.

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