The summer sales season has officially begun with Memorial Day now upon us. While most people tend to associate the best Memorial Day sales with household items and clothing, you can find some really great gaming and tech deals if you’re savvy enough.

We’ve been doing our best to round up those deals for you here, and there are bargains to be had on everything from headsets to TVs to console accessories. Let’s check out our favorite Memorial Day gaming deal right now, including The Last of Us Part 2, which has now dropped to just $10 at Best Buy.

Pick Up The Last of Us Part 2 for Just $10

If you still haven’t got round to playing the second instalment of the groundbreaking The Last of Us games, then now is your chance to grab it at a discount price.

Head over to the Best Buy website and pay just $10 to jump back into the action with Joel and Ellie. You definitely don’t want to miss this Memorial Day Deal. There’s still plenty of rumours about a Last of Us Remake for the original game as well, so this is a great opportunity to dive into the second game before the hype gets even bigger for the HBO show and potential new game.

If you’re reading this article and you’re in the UK, fret not. You too can pick up The Last of Us Part Two on the cheap, with GAME offering the title for just £10 as well.

The Last of Us Part 2 Runs at 60FPS on PS5

In case you missed it, last year The Last of Us Part 2 got a new PS5 patch, unlocking the games frame rate all the way to 60FPS on the new-gen console. This is great news for anyone who is only just picking up the game, as it’ll look and run incredibly smoothly.

Savings on DualSense Controllers

If you’re picking up a game for a bargain, you might as well also save yourself some money on DualSense Controllers for the PS5. Did we mention this discount is available at all retailers? Don’t miss out on this one.

You can grab a brand new DualSense controller for as little as $54.99 (dropping from as much as $74.99 list price). The offer applies to a number of different designs, including Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, and Midnight Black.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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