Black Desert Online is about to get a lot snowier as its latest Expansion – Eternal Winter – has finally arrived. Alongside taking players to the sweeping vistas and snowscapes of the Mountain of Eternal Winter, this expansion will come complete with a brand new story and voiced-over cutscenes, a new class that is descended from Dragons called Drakania, new zones and enemies, legendary gear, a bustling settlement to explore, and so much more.

To help get players ready for Eternal Winter, we are breaking down the seven biggest things waiting for players in Black Desert Online’s latest expansion.

Visit the Snowy Region Called the Mountain of Eternal Winter

One of the biggest additions in Eternal Winter is the Mountain of Eternal Winter, a brand new region that is filled with snow and incredible vistas. While it may seem beautiful on the surface, as you climb higher and higher up the mountain you will be met with blizzards that will damage your character and affect visibility.

New Players Can Jump Into Eternal Winter With Black Desert’s First New Starting Zone Since Launch

Black Desert Online first launched in Korea in 2015 and Pearl Abyss has added a TON of content since then. As with many MMOs, it can be very daunting for new players to jump in and feel as though they aren’t missing anything or are too under-leveled. Fortunately, Eternal Winter was built with new players in mind.

While existing players can access the Mountain of Eternal Winter through the Black Spirit’s questline, players who are trying Black Desert Online for the first time can choose the new region as their starting zone, which also happens to be the first time a different starting zone was added in Black Desert Online’s history.

If you choose the mountain as your starting zone, you will be able to start a new character at level one, catch up on the story with synopsis snapshots, get a full tutorial that will settle you into the game’s controls and systems, all without needing to level up or complete previous questlines for hours.

Visit the Village of Eilton to Help Its People and Discover Hidden Knowledge and Secrets

Eilton is Eternal Winter’s major settlement and it sits close to the heart of the Mountain of Eternal Winter. Despite Eilton being one of the smaller of Black Desert Online’s villages, it is packed with more secrets and hidden knowledge than any other in the game.

Players will be able to find these secrets by helping out those who call Eilton home. Additionally, a chatty snow fox named Lando will be accompanying players throughout this new adventure and will help make the trek through the elements to the top of the mountain a bit more manageable and fun.

Eternal Winter Features Three Zones With New Ferocious Enemies

New enemies and zones can make or break a new expansion, and Eternal Winter is taking that to heart. The expansion offers four new zones that are filled with challenging enemies trying to stop them in their tracks.

The first of these zones is the Jade Starlight Forest, which is home to the ancient yeti-like folk named Okjinsini. These enemies built totems and burning braziers to provide buffs to their fellow warriors. However, players can turn the tide of battle by destroying them.

Murrowak’s Labyrinth is a zone that hearkens back to classic dungeon crawling as it will send players deep into an iron mine infested with monstrous insects called murrowaks. The murrowak’s queen Vercedes will also be waiting to cause trouble for players, but defeating her will send her colony into disarray.

Lastly, the Winter Tree Fossil is a site of a fragment of an ancient tree that is radiating dark forces that are affected the spirits of the mountain. Fans of king of the hill will be in for a treat as players will need to hold their ground to control the fragment while also defending it from a relentless assault by polar bears and snow leopards.

Become a Legend By Taking Down the Erebjork

Those who wish to brave the challenges of Eternal Winter will eventually cross paths with Erebjork, a massive boss that just so happens to be a giant with a colossal permafrost axe and shield. If that wasn’t enough, she will also be able to call down a terrifying blizzard that will blanket the battlefield and make the air itself a threat to the player.

Erebjork will prove to be a formidable foe, but those who can vanquish her will get their hands on the Flame of Frost, which is a key component in crafting Eternal Winter’s most powerful gear.

Craft the High-Level Labreska’s Helmet, Ride Around on an Adorable Alpaca Mount, and More

Speaking of the Flame of Frost, this item that is dropped from Erekbjork is used to craft Labreska’s Helmet, which is part of a new top-tier gear set in the Eternal Winter expansion. Players will need to gather more than just the Flame of Frost to craft the helmet, but doing so will provide adventurers with a new set buff that is unique to Labreska’s.

Alongside Labreska’s gear, Eternal Winter will also add an adorable alpaca mount that players can traverse that snowy lands with alongside new life skill activities, including snowboarding and ice fishing.

Learn the Ways of the Drakania, Black Desert’s 24th Class

One of the most exciting new additions in the Eternal Winter expansion is Black Desert Online’s 24th class – Drakania. Drakania, like the Guardian, is a descendant of dragons. However, that’s where the similarities end as they are actually archnemesis and opposites

Drakania was born after the reign of Labreska, the Golden Dragon and scourge of dragonkind, and is the last hope the dragons have in reclaiming their long-lost paradise. To aid in her mission, Drakania utilizes the powerful blade Slayer and her Shard, the latter of which can gather ions from the air around her and unleash devastating attacks with Slayer.

She also has a second dragon heart, which allows her to recover quickly and race across the battlefield at high speeds.

Black Desert Online’s Eternal Winter expansion is now available, and new players can download Black Desert Online and partake in a 7-day free trial to test it out. Furthermore, Black Desert Online is free for all players until April 13, 2022, allowing everyone to try out Eternal Winter and experience all the newest features, voiced-over cut scenes, and so much more. And don’t worry, once it is added to your library it will stay there even after the sale is over.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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