Earlier this year, social media was utterly dominated by little green, yellow, and black squares as everyone triumphantly (or otherwise) showed off their Wordle scores. The hype has since died down considerably, but not without pushing Wordle to the second-most-discussed game on Twitter in 2022 so far.

This is according to data shared by Twitter, which put Genshin Impact as the most-discussed game between January and March this year. Apex Legends clocked in at No.4, followed by Final Fantasy at No.5.

Despite what your timeline might have looked like in the last month, Elden Ring was only the seventh-most-discussed game for that period. That said, the conversation doesn’t appear to have slowed at all, based on this graphic shared by Twitter:

Though US audiences might have slept on several of the top games, none of these should have been too surprising. Ensemble Stars, a Japanese mobile game, was the third-most-discussed game on Twitter last year. Fate/Grand Order was the fifth, and Knives Out was seventh. Genshin Impact was also No.1 for the entire year last year and doesn’t show any signs of flagging.

As for Wordle, even if interest seems to be flagging (as it does with most games over time), it’s in the running for most-discussed games on Twitter for the entire year – and we’re likely to see those little green, yellow, and black squares cropping up for a while to come.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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