Margit’s Shackle is an item you can find in Elden Ring that will make the difficult Margit the Fell Omen boss battle easier. However, the item appears to be good for much more as it can seemingly help you discover hidden illusory walls and stop fire-breathing traps.

As reported by GamesRadar, Margit’s Shackle can stop Margit the Fell Omen in his tracks for a few seconds when activated, but its usefulness does not end once that great enemy has been felled.

NateThePunk2 on Reddit is one of those who discovered that it can also cause a nearby hidden wall to disappear.

A running theory is that the item sends out an invisible shockwave of sorts that stuns Margit the Fell Omen if he is within a certain range. This same shockwave appears to extend out from the player and reveal illusory walls and stop fire-breathing traps.

Margit’s Shackle can be obtained while you are on Patches’ questline, and obtaining it is especially helpful if Margit, the game’s first major boss, is proving to be too much of a challenge.

For more, check out our full Elden Ring Wiki, where you can check out our strategy to beat Margit and the location of every illusory wall that has been discovered so far.

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