Mario Strikers: Battle League is set to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 10. This is a souped-up soccer game that uses a very different set of rules than the more sim-ified versions of the sport. Full contact is encouraged, and Mario, Peach, and company can turn the ball into a fireball before leaping dozens of feet in the air for a special kick. The game is up for preorder from a number of retailers.

Preorder Mario Strikers: Battle League

As usual for first party Nintendo games (though there are a few exceptions!), only one edition is being released for Mario Strikers: Battle League. You can preorder it in physical or digital format from the above retailers.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Trailer

What is Mario Strikers: Battle League?

The Mushroom Kingdom is a fantastical place, so it only makes sense that their version of soccer would be a little different from ours. This is a full-contact sport, so you can use items like Bob-ombs and Koopa shells to get a leg up on the competition.

You can also equip all kinds of different gear to boost your stats. If you manage to grab an orb when it appears on the field, you can charge up a Hyper Strike, a super shot that has a unique animation for each character. Score with a Hyper Strike, and you’ll receive two points rather than one.

The matches are five-on-five, and up to eight players can play locally on a single Switch. There’s also online play, and you can even join a club online and compete in the rankings with other clubs. And the game is being developed by the team behind the original Mario Strikers on GameCube.

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