Warning: this article contains mild spoilers for Elden Ring.

In the lead up to Elden Ring’s launch, there’s been one breakout character who has been embraced by the community: Pot Boy. Later called Pot Friend by Bandai Namco, this sentient ceramic has captured the hearts of thousands.

But we’ve got bad news about the pot boys. They’re definitely not all friends.

The most famous of the pot boys is Alexander. He’s the one you may have seen in gameplay clips who is stuck in the ground in need of aid. Don’t worry about this big lad; he’s a friend, and will even clue you in on an important location.

But not every one of his kin is so friendly. Within the walls of some of Elden Ring’s dungeons, you’ll come across both small and large versions of these pot boys. Officially known as Living Jars, the large versions can be particularly aggressive, and use a variety of rolling and slamming attacks to pulverize your health bar. Your only options in these instances are to either run away or – more likely – shatter that ceramic exterior so the jar’s red liquid insides can splatter all over the floor and walls.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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