Warning: this article contains spoilers for Elden Ring’s first location.

Elden Ring has continued FromSoftware’s long running in-joke by once again including a character that Souls fans love to hate.

In Elden Ring’s opening location of Limgrave players can find Patches, the bald trickster who has constantly pulled pranks on players throughout the Soulsborne series of games.

This time around, Patches can be found in the Murkwater Cave. Should you wish to find him you’ll want to follow the river north and keep your eye out for a dungeon entrance. Once again he can be a valuable ally thanks to his collection of wares on sale (you might want to inspect his inventory before heading into Stormveil Castle) but he’ll prove a nuisance before offering you any help, naturally.

This is the sixth incarnation of Patches. He first appeared in Demon’s Souls as Patches the Hyena, and was later seen in Dark Souls (as Trusty Patches), Bloodborne (as Patches the Spider), and Dark Souls 3 and its Ringed City DLC (as Unbreakable Patches). Dark Souls 2 also features a Patches-style character, but was known as Mild-Mannered Pate.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer.

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