Wizkids has revealed to IGN its next massive monster to dominate your game table, the Gargantuan Red Dragon “miniature” is slated to hit store shelves in June and will be priced at $400 USD.

Following the success of last year’s gargantuan Tiamat and gargantuan Arveiaturace releases, the developer of tabletop role-playing game accessories will continue its line of premium, gigantic dragons with the ancient red dragon Balagos, the Flying Flame. You can pre-order this monstrosity via Amazon or WizKids Store.

While all of WizKids gargantuan dragons are impressively large for what normally constitutes a miniature, Balagos’ sculpt positions the miniature as the tallest model yet, with stretched wings that vertically measure nearly 18.5 inches from base to tip.

You can find full measurements for the fire-breathing behemoth below:

Base to Horns — 9.5 inches

Base to Top of Neck Frill — 10.25 inches

Base to Wing Tip — 16.5 inches (left wing) or 18.25 inches (right wing)

Wingspan — 23.5 inches

“After the success at the Gargantuan White, Arveiaturace, we knew we had a fan hit,” said Patrick O’Hagan, Executive Producer RPGs at WizKids. “For our next dragon we wanted to continue to go BIG and brought out Balagos, the Flying Flame. Balagos is one of the most famous red dragons in the Forgotten Realms… creating a most fearsome menace for even the strongest of characters.”

In Dungeons & Dragons’ default setting of The Forgotten Realms, Balagos was something of a tyrant, even by chromatic dragon standards. His megalomaniacal whims eventually brought him to the conclusion he was to rule over all dragonkind and usher in the extermination of the human and elvish races. So, you know, the perfect antagonist to drop in front of your players with a heavy, surprising thud.

If you’re in the market to collect more massive pieces for your tabletop roleplaying game, you can also check out WizKids’ excellently giant set piece simply called The Tower or its Walking Knight of Waterdeep. If giant monsters are more your speed, why not get ready for the other monstrous mini WizKids has on the horizon: the infamous Tarrasque.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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