Horizon: Forbidden West includes dozens of accessibility settings to “create an immersive and accessible experience that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Guerrilla revealed in a PlayStation Blog post.

Some settings have been brought over from the original Horizon: Zero Dawn but others have been added, including options to sprint automatically, heal automatically, and turn on context reminders.

Principal designer Brian Roberts said in the post: “Early on in the game’s development, we established that we wanted to bring the game to as many fans as possible and create an immersive and accessible experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“We hope these features help craft the gameplay experience that works best for you, and look forward to hearing your feedback so we can finetune even further.”

One option added because of player feedback is the Co-Pilot mode that allows a second player to take over if need be through a second controller. Buttons are also completely customisable and can be changed between toggle and hold for convenience.

Assist settings can also alter specific areas of gameplay to, for example, slow time down when aiming, automatically activate Concentration mode to show weak spots, or enable aim assist.

A full list of the accessibility settings can be seen below:

  • Difficulty
  • Quest Pathfinding
  • Waypoint Pathfinding
  • Button Layout and Customization
  • Contextual Reminders
  • Weapon Wheel Slowdown
  • Gauntlet Runs Quick Time Events
  • Auto Heal
  • Auto Shieldwing
  • Concentration Duration
  • Auto Concentration
  • Mount Follows Road
  • Co-Pilot
  • Hold/Toggle
  • Aim Assist
  • Auto Sprint on Foot
  • Auto Sprint on Mount
  • Swap Move and Look
  • Movement Sensitivity
  • Left/Right Stick Dead Zone
  • Camera’s X-axis Sensitivity
  • Camera’s Y-axis Sensitivity
  • Vibration Intensity – Cinematics
  • Vibration Intensity – Traversal
  • Vibration Intensity – Combat
  • Vibration Intensity – Player Weapon
  • Vibration Intensity – Environmental
  • Vibration Intensity – UI
  • Adaptive Triggers for Weapons
  • Motion Blur
  • Camera Shake
  • Underwater Camera Shake
  • Camera Positioning
  • Climbing Annotations Always On
  • Music Volume
  • Speech Volume
  • Sound Effects Volume
  • Audio Mix
  • Turn Off Tinnitus Sounds
  • Display Subtitles
  • Text Language
  • Speech and Movie Language

Horizon: Forbidden West will release on February 18. In our official preview, IGN said: “Nearly every misgiving I had about Zero Dawn seems to have been thought through, and then some, while everything I loved has only been improved upon.”

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer who occasionally remembers to tweet @thelastdinsdale.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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