CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst

Smilegate Entertainment

Xbox Game Pass
Experience the first part of the CrossfireX single player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Catalyst, take control of a Global Risk Unit as they traverse through enemy territory in order to save their captured squad mate and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary Group.


Smilegate Entertainment

Xbox Game Pass
The legendary PC franchise comes to Xbox in a fast-paced first person shooter offering a variety of exhilarating multiplayer experiences and a cinematic campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment, that explores the global conflict between the world’s two most formidable private military factions. Play it for free, only on Xbox.


Purchase the CrossfireX Founder’s Package, Originator’s Package, and Ultimate Package here:


CrossfireX Ultimate Package

Smilegate Entertainment



Get the complete CrossfireX experience with this Ultimate Edition that includes the official single player campaign, developed in close partnership with Remedy Entertainment. Discover the motives of the Black List and Global Risk mercenary organizations as you explore both sides of an on-going war.

Additionally, this package contains CrossfireX, the Battle Pass where you can unlock characters, weapon skins and boosts for CrossfireX’s multiplayer, giving you the equipment you need to make your mark.

Package Contains:
– CrossfireX
– CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst
– CrossfireX: Operation Spectre
– CrossfireX Premium Battle Pass Season1

CrossfireX Founder’s Package

Smilegate Entertainment



Jump start your CrossfireX multiplayer experience by purchasing the Founder’s Pack. Players who pre-order this package will receive CrossfireX, one character, one weapon skin, some premium currency and a couple boosts. These items will ensure you hit the ground running on launch day.

Package Contains:
– CrossfireX
– [Character] Knox
– SC-556 Pearl Craft
– 500 CFP
– EXP Boost (30%) 7 days
– GP Boost (30%) 7 days

*Pre-order package only. Founder’s Pack will leave the store on February 14th 2022.

CrossfireX Originator’s Package

Smilegate Entertainment



Ready to claim victory in CrossfireX? The Originator’s Pack is a great way to drop into the game with everything you need to instantly make an impact in multiplayer.

Package Contains:
– CrossfireX
– [Character] Gordon
– AUSTEYR-88 Desert
– EXP Boost (30%) 3 days

*Pre-order package only. Originator’s Pack will leave the store on February 14th 2022.


Product Info:
Publisher: Smilegate West
Website: CrossfireX 
Twitter: @PlayCrossfireX


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