The Nintendo Switch’s release date is approaching fast, and that auspicious anniversary has the hosts of Nintendo Voice Chat pondering an important question: Is it the greatest Nintendo console ever? And if not, what is?

To answer this question, we’re turning to the IGN community for help. Over the next month, we’ll be hosting a continually updated bracket here on IGN, with fans able to vote on individual matchups. In the end, we’ll crown the greatest Nintendo system ever, whether it’s a traditional console or a handheld!

NVC’s Best Nintendo Console Ever Bracket

The setup for this bracket is similar to the original (much better) format of the NFL playoffs. We’ve seeded individual consoles based on considerations including library, longevity, console design, and extras and seeded them accordingly. Here’s how we seeded each bracket. The Super NES, NES, Game Boy, and Switch get a bye because they’re just that good!


(1) Super Nintendo

(2) Nintendo Entertainment System

(3) GameCube

(4) Nintendo 64

(5) Nintendo Wii

(6) Nintendo Wii U)


(1) Game Boy

(2) Nintendo Switch

(3) GBA

(4) Nintendo DS

(5) Nintendo 3DS

(6) Virtual Boy

We’ll re-seed the matchups for the following round depending on the winners. Will there be a major upset? Time will tell!

Keep an eye on Nintendo Voice Chat as we discuss the most interesting matchups through the month! And make sure to refresh your memory with our various lists of the best Nintendo games of all time, including the best Nintendo Switch games.

Round 1 Voting — 02/07 to 02/11

Check back weekly on who won each round and vote for the all-time winner!

Source: IGN Video Games All

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