Right on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes one of the best video game prices on one of the OK-est games available right now. Today at Amazon you can get Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 or Xbox for just $9.99.

Marvel’s Avengers Deal

Marvel’s Avengers had a bit of a rough launch, but things have smoothed out somewhat. Still, it’s not without its problems. In our initial Marvel’s Avengers review, we gave it a 6 (which is ‘OK’ on the IGN scale). There’s still a pretty invested fanbase around Marvel’s Avengers, but it never reached the heights its pedigree seemed to promise.

But for ten bucks, who cares? It’s fun enough, especially at that price. I say roll the dice. The end game isn’t quite as great, but again, the price is right enough to where maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

It’s also a great gift, if you’re looking to give a Marvel fan a little something this year. They never need to know you only spent $10 on it. I would never tell on you.

Seth Macy is Executive Editor, IGN Commerce, and just wants to be your friend. You can find him hosting the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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