Here’s a big discount on a just-released game: Call of Duty Vanguard is on sale at Walmart for $39. The Black Friday deal applies to all console platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The discount appears after you add the game to your cart. So do that, and you can play one of the year’s biggest games just weeks after it came out for up to $30 off.

Get Call of Duty Vanguard for $39

Call of Duty is reliably the bestselling game each year, so if you haven’t picked it up at full price yet, you may want to grab it at this discount. It’s not likely to drop this low again for quite some time.

In case you’re wondering if it’s any good, we have you covered on that front. We split the review into three parts, in order to cover each mode individually. Here they are:

And if you’re on the lookout for more deals this Black Friday season, you’ll want to check out all of our coverage, which can be found below.

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