Skydrift Infinity GmbH

Skydrift Infinity is an action-packed arcade game focusing on the experience of flying alone, and with others, in a light, quick, fast-paced style.

During the various game modes you can partake in deathmatches and armed races as well as other armed competitions, using modern airplanes, which are tuned to the max, with extreme weapons. Your goal is simple: if you can’t overtake them, shoot them down!

Play alone, with your friends or compete against previously unknown online challengers! For relaxation explore the exotic islands, used as the venues of the races and arena modes, where you can break free of the 2 dimensionality, that binds known racing games! Your possibilities are limited only by your own imagination!

Product Info:
Developer: HandyGames
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Twitter: @handy_games / @THQNordic

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