EA has announced that Battlefield 2042 won’t feature a single-player mode while retailing for $70 USD on new-gen consoles. 

Credit: EA

Yesterday, we were finally given a glimpse at the next Battlefield game. Now, thanks to a BATTLEFIELD 2042 press release, we know that the game will be exclusively multiplayer, featuring up to 128 players in a single match. Sounds intense!

According to DICE, Battlefield 2042 will also feature “All-new weapons, vehicles, and gadgets” which will result in “jaw-dropping, only-in-Battlefield moments”. While 2042 doesn’t exactly sound like distant future warfare, the game’s synopsis seems to suggest that the new Battlefield is set in a world troubled by an ecological crisis:

“In Battlefield 2042, the world is on the brink. Shortages of food, energy, and clean water have led to dozens of failed nations, creating the greatest refugee crisis in human history. Among these Non-Patriated, or No-Pats, are families, farmers, engineers – and even soldiers. Amidst this crisis, the United States and Russia draw the world into an all-out war. No-Pat Specialists join both sides, not fighting for a flag, but for the future of the Non-Patriated in this new world.”

Credit: EA

Admittedly, Battlefield 2042’s multiplayer sounds pretty impressive. However, the game’s lack of single-player campaign will probably deter some fans from delving into the shooter. In addition, Battlefield 2042’s $70 USD (£69.99) price point will also likely be a sore for gamers, especially since the shooter lacks a single-player campaign.

Credit: EA

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