People Can Fly and Square Enix have announced that it has begun deploying the fix for Outriders’ notorious inventory wipe glitch.

As detailed in a post from Square on the Outriders subreddit, players affected by the glitch that occurred during Outrider’s rocky launch will have their inventory restored over the next day or so. Up to 20 legendary items will be restored to player inventories, provided they lost a legendary item between launch and April 20.

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Players have been split into three categories; A, B, and C. Players in Group A have already had their inventories restored, and that includes all items – regardless of rarity – that were equipped at the time of the inventory wipe.

Those identified by People Can Fly as Group B will have legendaries restored to them over the next few days. However, People Can Fly’s system cannot conclusively distinguish Group B and Group C players, the latter being players who did not experience inventory wipes. Because of this, even if you didn’t lose a legendary item, this restoration may add up to 20 legendaries to your inventory.

To discover how to gain some legendaries of your own in-game, check out our Outriders legendary gear guide. And with this fix, Outriders’ rocky days may be behind it. Check out our Outriders review if you’re thinking about picking it up now fixes have been deployed.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer.
Source: IGN Video Games All

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