Capcom is promoting Resident Evil Village with a series of timed demos that left some fans scrambling to play it in time. However, PC players have seemingly bypassed the 60-minute time limit for the demo.

Resident Evil Village is out later this week, but Capcom is giving fans a chance to check out some key locations early thanks to a time-limited demo. The 60-minute demo released for all platforms lets players explore the village and castle portions for exactly one hour.

If you don’t finish the demo in time, you’ll be booted from the session and it leads to a trailer.

Having played the demo it’s actually quite easy to see all the content the demo has to offer within the time limit, but for PC players who might want to spend extra time luxuriating in Resident Evil’s gothic setting, there is a quick way to get around the demo’s 60-minute timer.

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The method is being shared on the Steam pages and really just involves deleting a few files. This will reset your progress and the timer, letting you do the 60-minute demo again from the start. It’s not perfect and it won’t unlock any content not already in the demo, but it’s great for players who want to explore the environments further and study the details more closely.

IGN covered Resident Evil Village extensively as part of IGN First. We got a chance to play Village hands-on for five hours so check out our preview, along with details on Mercenaries and how Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7.

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Matt T.M. Kim is IGN’s News Editor.
Source: IGN Video Games All

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