Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X preorders began at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT in the US and sold out extremely fast. Amazon’s pages kept blinking in and out of existence, but if you were quick (and you follow @IGNDeals on Twitter), you might have grabbed one. Best Buy’s Xbox preorders came and went in a flash, but the page for the Xbox All-Access program is live on Best Buy (although it’s not yet available).

Newegg, Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club have sold out of Xbox Series X preorders, most of which came and went in record time. The Series S, too, disappeared quickly.

GameStop has implemented a digital queue for preorders, and had a few on-hand at its physical locations. We’re updating this page as preorders come back online, but for more immediate updates, make sure to follow IGN Deals on Twitter.

The Xbox Series X has an estimated retail price of $499, while the Xbox Series S has an ERP of $299. Both consoles release November 10. UK users, click here to find out about your preorders.

Where to Preorder Xbox

Preorder Xbox Series X

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Preorder Xbox Series S

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Preorder Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Games

Xbox Games at Amazon

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Xbox Games at Best Buy

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Xbox Games at GameStop

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Preorder Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Controllers and Accessories

Xbox Controllers and Accessories at Newegg

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Xbox Controllers and Accessories at Best Buy

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Xbox Controllers and Accessories at Target

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Sign Up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Xbox Series X and S Preorders for the UK

Keep an eye on this page and @IGNUKDeals for live stock updates. Check out all the live preorder pages below.

Xbox Series X Live Preorders

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Xbox Series S Live UK Preorders

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Best Xbox Series X/S Controller and Accessory Preorder Deals

The new Xbox consoles are actually compatible with your older Xbox One controllers, but if you’re looking for that slick next-gen feel to all your handsets, you may want to invest in a controller or two, alongside some new accessories. You can currently preorder the Xbox Series X/S Black, Robot White, and Blue controllers.

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Xbox All-Access in the UK

Xbox Series X/S are part of the Xbox All Access, in which you can pay a set fee a month and get a new console, alongside Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Both of these will be available from GAME in the UK, and cost as follows. For Xbox Series X you will be paying £28.99 per month, and for the Xbox Series S, you will be paying £20.99 per month. Both are available to sign up for now.

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Best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deal

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Preorder New Xbox Series X/S Games in the UK

Here are all the best preorder deals for Xbox games in the UK at the moment. You’ve got your console, and now you need your games.

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Xbox Series X Release Date

The Xbox Series X and its smaller sibling the Xbox Series S have a November 10 release date in the US.

Xbox Series X Price: How Much Does It Cost?

The Series X, the more powerful of the two consoles, has an “estimated retail price” of $499.99. The Xbox Series S, the smaller, less-powerful version, sells for $299.99. The Xbox Series X includes a 4K Blu-ray disc drive and 1TB of storage, while the lower-cost Series S comes with 512GB of storage and doesn’t have a disc drive.

The Series X plays games at 4K resolutions and frame rates up to 120fps. The Series S has a maximum resolution of 1440p, or “2K” as it’s sometimes known, and also plays games up to 120fps.

Source: IGN Video Games All

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