KFC Trolls the Gaming World…And We Love IT!

If you didn’t already know, fast food company KFC actually has a deep interest in gaming, evidenced by its KFC “gaming” arm. Not only are there social media platforms dedicated to the vertical but there’s also a YouTube channel where participants can take on “Chicken Challenges” as well as add their own gaming clips from different popular games played by its community. Additionally about two years ago, KFC also released a blue tooth gaming controller out of its To-Go chicken box, so its pretty clear their dedication to gaming is pretty impressive.

Come Join the Fun!!!

This time around however, the fried chicken food chain is taking it up a notch, all while trolling the current console wars between Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. So just in time after Sony officially revealed the PS5, the Colonel and company released the teaser for its own system. The video was released through its official Twitter account and shows a dramatic revealing of a high-tech KFC bucket which features a “chicken chamber” and “cross platform compatibility.” Again, this looks like the company is just poking fun at Sony and Microsoft but the video does reveal a release date of November 11, 2020. We’ll all just have to wait and see what the food chain has in store for its gaming fans by then.

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