Nintendo’s recently released Mario Kart Tour is jam-packed with various characters to choose from, and Pauline will soon join the party as well, bringing a classy new ride with her. But there’s one interesting omission that’s left some fans scratching their heads – where is Luigi?

After all, Mario’s brother is a beloved character in the Mario universe. He’s appeared in several iconic titles, and will soon be the star of Luigi’s Mansion 3 when it arrives this Halloween. Not to mention he was also a favorite in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

One particular fan even made note that he’s featured in the advertising of Mario Kart Tour.

Come Join the Fun!!!

Mario Kart Tour – So Where Is Luigi?

Nintendo hasn’t provided an official answer as to why Luigi isn’t included in this racing party just yet. The company did launch the game and ironed out some server issues with it, so it’s focusing on those problems first, more than likely.

Keep in mind that there’s always the possibility he’ll be added in the future. Nintendo might be saving him for some cross-promotion with next month’s release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Switch, along with a specially themed track to go with it. That’s a possibility and not a confirmation, tho.

There’s a slight chance he could be part of the Gold Pass subscription for the game, which offers various rewards to players $4.99 a month. This is less likely, as that means some would be shut out from playing him if they didn’t subscribe to it. So he’d probably get added to the main roster instead, just like Pauline.

Whatever the case, fans want their Luigi. The demands are growing for him to be added, with some even wondering if he’ll bring his “Mario Kart 8 angry stare” along for the ride. They’ll have to be patient and see when he’s ready to race.

Mario Kart Tour is available for download now.

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Android Google Play: Mario Kart Tour

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