Nintendo’s mobile efforts have been divisive to say the least. Since the launch of Super Mario Run in 2016 it has struggled to combine its traditional quality of gameplay with mobile’s monetization in a fair and effective way. Few people seemed happy with Mario Run’s premium price of $10, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s dearth of content made it less than exciting to invest in, and Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Dr. Mario World all used familiar but frustrating microtransaction tactics that worked against the gameplay. After racing through the early hours of Mario Kart Tour, it seems Nintendo is still struggling with this difficult hurdle in this free-to-play version for iOS and Android. The price tags next to Tour’s microtransactions are surprisingly big, but the actual driving works well and often feels impressively similar to a traditional Mario Kart game.

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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