Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, which launches ‘soon’, is the first ‘feature-length’ Doctor Who VR game. Much like the TV show, it’s a galaxy-hopping ride from one dangerous location to the next, all while Daleks, Weeping Angels, and other nasties nip at your heels.

Recently I got to take a deeper look inside the game, in which after a brief five-second look at the TARDIS (this VR control room being the closest I’m likely to get to a childhood dream come true), I was ushered forth into the corridors of a spaceship. Fitted out in a decor that wouldn’t look entirely out of place in a classic Robert Holmes episode of Who, the ship is home to a laser lock puzzle that you can watch unfold in the gameplay below. For any would-be-time-travellers, don’t worry: you won’t be seeing any solutions here.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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