Sony’s third State of Play was an aggressively fine showcase for its upcoming line-up, orchestrated as a reminder that there are still games coming out exclusively for the console in the remainder of 2019 and early 2020. But even if its first 18 minutes consisted of relatively small announcements, the latest trailer for The Last of Us Part Two delivered on the requisite heartbreak, violence, horror, and of course, release date.

It started off strong. The opening trailer was Humanity, a new video game from Enhance (Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect) and Tokyo-based design studio Tha.Ltd, and a highlight of this State of Play. It initially looked like you manipulate masses of people in a variety of cute ways, but the fact it quickly descended into violence was surprising, in a good way. After all, if you’re going to name your video game Humanity, I expect some sort of commentary about our collective terribleness when it comes to the way we treat each other.

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Source: IGN Video Games All

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