The SEGA Genesis Mini is the best all-in-one retro console ever made. With a line-up of 42 games (some of which never saw proper Western releases), great UI and software handled by legendary software company M2, catchy menu music composed on original hardware by a Genesis musical legend, and some trademark M2 surprises, this is the high watermark against which all retro mini consoles should be measured going forward. It’s not perfect, but it easily rises above all the others.

Genesis Does…

The tiny SEGA Genesis Mini takes its design very seriously, with spring-loaded cartridge bay doors that swing closed, a movable volume control (that doesn’t actually do anything) and even an expansion bay door that pops off for no reason at all (at least for the US release, the Japanese version has an optional, completely non-functioning “Tower of Power” version available).

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Source: IGN Games Reviews

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